Article No. 120526

Colour Protection Shine Restoring Pre-Shampoo Treatment

The deep-conditioning pre-treatment protects the hair against moisture and colour loss during the washing – for wonderfully soft hair with healthy shine.
Filling Quantity
250 ml

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Care before cleansing? What may seem like an unusual idea at first is actually a sensible approach. By wrapping itself around the hair like a protective shield, Pre-Shampoo Treatment prevents both the loss of colour pigments, moisture and natural oils during shampooing and the deposition of lime from the water, which makes the hair brittle. During application, the innovative liquid formulation with valuable oils and plant extracts transforms into a wonderfully creamy emulsion and develops the full conditioning power of an intensive treatment without weighing down the hair. Camellia oil and extracts of wheat germ and sea kale supply dry, chemically treated hair with additional moisture and repair surface damage. Yet another advantage is that product residue such as silicone or resin deposits are very gently removed, making the hair softer and livelier. For perfect protection during hair washing followed by brilliant colour shine.