The mission

Beauty is not just external. It is everything: what you do and how you do it. Beauty lies in the material you use, as well as in the way you treat those who use it. True beauty is the shape of things to come when you make the right decisions. It is a philosophy. It is a culture. Our culture. At La Biosthétique we call it The Culture Of Beauty.

The brand

Life and beauty, bios and aesthetics - the combination of natural ingredients, state-of-the-art research and a passion for beauty have always defined the philosophy of the La Biosthétique brand ever since day one. Premium quality is not simply a possibility; it is the prerequisite. It is the roots - for the Culture Of Beauty.

The company

Paris, world capital of beauty - This is where La Biosthétique has its roots and its headquarter. The elegance, the passion and the eye for fashion, art and culture, all of which are connected with this spiritual Mecca of aesthetics, and all this inspires and guides the thoughts, feelings and actions of La Biosthétique. That is why Paris is our headquarter, the geographic heart of our company. We combine this charm with the handcrafted precision and perfection that the Made in Germany seal represents all over the world: We research and produce in Pforzheim, on the outskirts of the Black Forest.

The philosophy

We believe whoever is in the beauty business must love people.

People are the focus of all that we do. Because every single person is incomparable. Their skin. Their hair. Their style. Their taste. Their wishes and dreams. To give a consultation with true expertise, you need lots of knowledge - which is why our products are almost exclusively available from specially trained pros in our partner salons. You need a nose for trends, fashion and individuality.

Whoever wants to give beauty must be able to create joy. Joy is beautiful.

The family

Global brand and family-run company: Since it was founded, La Biosthétique has been an owner-run company. Siegfried Weiser took over the company from founder Marcel Contier. Today, he runs it together with his sons Jean-Marc and Felix - with the absolute conviction that values and attitude are just as important for La Biosthétique as the products: A sustainable treatment of resources, responsibility to customers, employees and partners: Long-term thinking that always focuses on the individual. That's beauty, too. That's La Biosthétique.

The products

The collections are spread across the pillars: Hair Care, Styling, Skin Care, Colour and Make-up.

The Salons

La Biosthétique is exclusively available from our partners: In hair salons that align themselves with our values and our concept of premium quality. They are the most important ambassadors of our Culture Of Beauty.