The Culture
of Beauty.

Rooted in the culture of beauty-blossoming

in the individual.


The Culture
of Beauty.

Verwurzelt in Kultur,

erweckt La Biosthétique natürliche Schönheit.

As a family business, our focus is not on short-term success, but on the long term. Helping to shape the future for

generations to come is one of our most important concerns. This requires us and our products to meet the highest standards

for quality and innovation. Our long-term perspective is also reflected in our sustainable approach to people, the environment and climate protection.

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Protecting the environment through innovation

Since the 1980s, we have pioneered from the invention of professional shampoo concentrates and multivalent, resource-saving hair colouring systems to the recycling of packaging into park benches. We use 100 % green electricity for our production site and corn starch chips as packaging material. 90 % of the ingredients in our production are of natural origin and we use 100 % RSPO-certified palm oil.

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Highest production standards through in-house production

The quality of a product is not only measured by its end result, but also by the conditions under which it is manufactured. In line with our claim to the highest quality, we have been committed to developing our products in accordance with the highest standards and the principles of the international "Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices" for over half a century. Our products are mainly manufactured in our own production facilities in the Black Forest.

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Climate target of the Paris Agreement in focus

Since 2019, our commitment to climate protection has been based on a comprehensive analysis of our carbon footprint in all three scopes. With external scientific support from right. based on science, we have had our climate compatibility assessed and are determined to fulfil the 1.5°C climate target of the Paris Agreement. To remain Paris-compliant, we plan to reduce our CO2 emissions by 20 per cent by 2030.

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People at the centre of sustainability

From the very beginning, we have focussed on long-term and trusting partnerships with our salon partners, employees and suppliers. Valuing people is at the centre of our thoughts and actions. That is why we have always paid attention to fair and mindful supply chains for our valuable ingredients.

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Consistently dermatologically tested

All our products are tested by renowned dermatological institutes in accordance with the European Cosmetics Regulation.

Only products that have been scientifically proven to fulfil our high quality requirements for compatibility are included in our range. Because La Biosthétique is committed to the highest quality and our customers' hair and skin deserve only the best.

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No animal testing

La Biosthétique has never carried out animal testing and is in favour of the ban that has been in force in the EU since 2009. We are convinced that effective products can be manufactured without such a practice. And must.