As an international cosmetics company, today we combine the harmony of life and beauty, bios and aesthetics with the ambition to set new standards for the protection of nature.

"The Culture of Total Responsibility" is today the guiding principle of our great creative power. It touches all areas: From the conscious selection and sustainable extraction of natural raw materials to the full offsetting of our CO2 emissions and the consistent translation of ambitious goals into innovation and change. The Culture of Total Responsibility guides our decision-making culture. It conditions our current understanding of holistic success.

90% ingredients of natural origin

In line with our philosophy, we at La Biosthétique have always given preference to ingredients of natural origin of the highest quality in the development and production of our exclusive products. We have analyzed our production site in Pforzheim and the ingredients of our products according to ISO 16128 : 2017 and have proven that we use 90% ingredients of natural origin according to this international standard. Even every synthetic ingredient we use meets the highest quality standards and is carefully selected and used with care.

100% sustainable palm oil

100% of the palm oil and palm kernel oil we use and all ingredients based on it are covered by so-called RSPO-certified supply chains. We are also a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil ( RSPO ) and thus consistently support certified sustainable palm oil and palm kernel oil. As a matter of principle, we use it wisely in our products.

Why we make a conscious decision to use palm oil:

Palm oil provides important plant building blocks for detergent substances that are found in only a few other vegetable oils - e.g. coconut or soy. However, the possible alternatives provide about 2000kg less oil per hectare of cultivated land per year. So if the use of palm oil and palm kernel oil in cosmetics is avoided in the future, more coconut, soy or other alternatives would have to be grown. Due to their much higher land requirements, the clearing of new forests is almost unavoidable. This in turn would have a negative impact on the climate.

Every La Biosthétique product is proven to be of the highest standards

Our demand for quality and efficacy of all La Biosthétique products includes manufacturing according to the highest standards and the conscious selection of our partners and suppliers. All La Biosthétique products are manufactured in accordance with the principles of good manufacturing practice ( GMP ) for cosmetic products according to DIN EN ISO 22716. Our production at the Pforzheim site is checked by external auditors for GMP guidelines.

100% dermatologically tested

Our La Biosthétique products are tested by renowned dermatological institutes in accordance with the European Cosmetics Regulation. We only include products with the quality rating " very good " or " good " in our portfolio.

100% without animal testing

La Biosthétique has never conducted animal testing itself. Since 2004, animal testing has been banned in the EU. We support this legal basis and are convinced that we can develop safe and effective products without animal testing.

100% climate neutral packaging

We also want to set new standards in terms of sustainable packaging. We have all packaging tested and recyclability assessed according to a method developed by the bifa environmental institute. We already demonstrably use an extremely high proportion of recyclable materials. We also consistently reduce the amount of materials we use. Based on a complete CO2 balance of all our packaging, we offset unavoidable CO2 by 100%.

100% climate neutral shipping

Since 1999, we have used fully biodegradable corn chips to protect our products. Our cardboard comes from sustainable forestry. The shipping of our DHL packages is climate neutral.

100% climate neutral ingredients

We offset 100% of all emissions caused by the production and delivery of all ingredients we use through an internationally recognized climate protection project. The basis for this is a differentiated CO2 balance from Climate Partner.

The La Biosthétique site in Pforzheim is 100% climate neutral

As a company, we want to make the greatest possible contribution to protecting the climate. That's why we also had Climate Partner draw up a precise carbon footprint for our site in Pforzheim. Factors such as electricity, heating, company cars, air travel, paper consumption and much more are included in the assessment. We fully offset all emissions that we cannot avoid today through internationally recognized climate protection projects. This means that the La Biosthétique site in Pforzheim is now completely climate-neutral.

100 % district heating

We have been heating our entire site in Pforzheim efficiently with district heating since 1991. Compared to the use of classic heating oil, this saves us around 100 tons of CO2 per year.

100% green power

Since 2008, we have been using only certified green electricity from 100% hydropower at our headquarters and production site in Pforzheim. In this way, we avoid CO2 emissions of 350 tons per year.

The climate neutral salon

In the German-speaking countries alone, we have more than 2,000 salon partners. Together with all partners, we want to set new standards around climate protection as an international company. More and more salon partners are freely choosing to join forces.

Since 2020, we have avoided more than 6000 tons of CO2 at the Pforzheim site alone.