Article No. 003978

Homme Deodorant Spray

Refreshing deodorant for long-lasting freshness: The excitingly masculine scent and antiperspirant active ingredients guarantee a reliable, pleasant protection.
Filling Quantity
100 ml

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For a unique, excitingly masculine scentsation: The deodorant by La Biosthétique Homme is a high-performance antiperspirant that offers up to 24 hours of protection against underarm perspiration and body odour. It is hypoallergenic and comfortable on the skin. The formulation of high-quality ingredients provides soothing freshness on the underarms, is fast-drying and feels soft and refreshing. The scent composition stands out with its tangy, perfectly harmonising masculine scent nuances. Suitable for daily application after showering. HOMME. The daily ritual of revitalising care.