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Dermosthétique Retinol Firming Body Cream

The intelligent body care cream boosts the skin’s own retinol and thus firms the skin.
Filling Quantity
200 ml

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The moment it touches the skin, the rich caring texture melts into it and enrobes it in a naturally fresh, slightly floral scent. 
The intelligent effect mechanism of the unique Vitamin A boost effect provided by Pistacia Resin provides a soft yet firm skin structure and soothing hydration.
The encapsulated resin of the mastic tree, which only grows on the Greek island of Chios, increases the amount of retinol that is naturally found in the skin. The skin uses the resin to build a deposit of the body’s own retinol, which gradually makes it look firmer. The active ingredient achieves a much more hypoallergenic anti-aging effect than pure retinol and has no irritating side effects whatsoever. Intensively moisturising urea additionally helps to improve the elasticity and density of the skin. The result: soft, fine-pored and noticeably firm body skin that feels wonderfully cared for.