Article No. 120002

Energising Aroma Complex

The aroma complex utilises the therapeutic powers of essential oils to stimulate scalp functions, regenerate dry skin and provide an invigorating feeling of well-being.
Filling Quantity
30 ml

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A dry scalp can seriously disrupt your general well-being. The Energising Aroma Complex is a soothing experience for the skin and senses, not just when it itches. Powerful essential oils regenerate the barrier layer, revitalise the scalp and stimulate normal, healthy scalp functions. Carrot seeds nourish and regenerate dry skin. Borage oil strengthens the barrier layer, soothes irritation and regulates moisture levels, while parsley seed fends off free radicals. Bergamot essential oil provides new energy and has a mood-enhancing effect. Balanced and revitalised, dry scalp is a thing of the past. The spicy-scented aroma complex stimulates the functions of the scalp as well as the good mood, making regular use a thoroughly revitalising pleasure.