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Eye Make-up Remover

The eye make-up remover gently and thoroughly cleanses the sensitive eye area and gives it wonderful freshness.
Filling Quantity
100 ml

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Eye Make-up Remover gives the sensitive skin a wonderfully relaxed and refreshed glow. The mucous membrane-friendly cleansing complex contains a delicate and oil-free formulation to very gently clarify the skin without residue or dehydration. The physiological electrolyte solution removes even brightly coloured eye make-up. As the pH of the eye make-up remover is identical to that of tears, there is neither redness nor other irritations. The eye make-up remover is excellent for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers and is dermatologically tested. Little tip: If you make a mistake with your make-up, Eye Make-up Remover provides you with an emergency solution.