Article No. 110543

Forming Lotion (ex Transformer)

Formally Transformer - new design, unchanged formula: The nourishing shaping lotion brings straight and curly hair into the desired shape and leaves it feeling completely natural.
Filling Quantity
150 ml

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The silicone-free moulding lotion is a smart quick-change artist for every hair type. Straight hair becomes curly and vice versa with ease. Moulding or blow-drying straight hair is a breeze, and heat protection prevents damage. Ingredients that are over 90 per cent of natural origin combine to create a formula that delivers impressive results without being noticeable in the hair itself. The styling lotion is applied to dry or damp hair, supports styling and provides natural hold. The hair structure is improved, unruly hair is wonderfully smooth and the look is visibly nourished. Styling at its best, with a completely natural hair feel.