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Fortifying Aroma Complex

The aroma complex utilises the therapeutic powers of essential oils to stimulate the scalp functions, promote healthy hair growth and provide a harmonious feeling of well-being.
Filling Quantity
30 ml

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To perform at your best, you need a healthy balance. This also applies to the scalp, which needs a balanced environment for full, strong hair growth. With the essential oils of powerful herbs, Fortifying Aroma Complex harmonises the scalp and stimulates its natural functions at the same time. Clary sage, thyme and rose geranium have an antimicrobial and balancing effect. Lavender enhances the relaxing effect and rosemary stimulates the circulation and metabolism of the scalp. As a result, the scalp is revitalised, the energy supply to the hair roots is significantly improved and growth disorders and hair loss are actively counteracted. The aromatic fragrance supports the harmonising and stimulating effect and makes using Fortifying Aroma Complex a holistic experience for the body and mind.