Article No. 120569

Fortifying Scalp Concentrate

The scalp concentrate increases the supply of nutrients to the hair roots, counteracts hair loss and makes the hair thicker and stronger.
Filling Quantity
10 A. x 10ml

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Fortifying Scalp Concentrate supplies the hair roots with important nutrients for healthy and full hair growth. Its innovative active ingredient combination of yeast extract, white lupin and microalgae extract and biotin boosts the energy output of the hair-forming cells with a balanced cocktail of proteins, vitamins and trace elements, while a lipopeptide prevents premature cell death caused by free radicals. Extracts of burdock root and ginseng extract additionally sustainably improve the anagen/telogen ratio. The cell anchoring of the hair follicles is strengthened and hereditary and hormonal temporary and diffuse hair loss is counteracted. As an intensive treatment or for long-term preventive use, the concentrate regenerates and revitalises the scalp, significantly improves the growth, quality and density of the hair and ensures that hair loss soon becomes a thing of the past.