Article No. 120613

Fortifying Shampoo

The mild shampoo fortifies the hair roots, gives weakened, brittle hair new strength and prepares the scalp for subsequent care to combat hair loss and hair growth disorders.
Filling Quantity
250 ml

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Because strong hair starts at the roots, Fortifying Shampoo cleanses weakened hair structures particularly gently and at the same time revitalises the hair roots with valuable nutrients. Extracts of white lupine and microalgae provide the scalp cells with the energy they need to combat aging processes and attacks from external stress factors. The increased cell activity leads to a qualitative improvement in the hair follicles and extends their lifespan, resulting in healthy hair growth and reduced hair loss. Wheat peptides strengthen the hair fibre deep down, while a condensate of coconut fatty acids with oat amino acids preserves the scalp's natural protective acid mantle. Cleansing with Fortifying Shampoo gives the scalp a healthy feeling of well-being and leaves the hair shiny, well cared for and noticeably stronger.