Article No. 120926

Hair & Nail Strengthening Food Supplement

The food supplement works from within to support the effective treatment of hair loss and nail breakage and promotes the growth of beautiful, healthy hair and nails.
Filling Quantity
60 capsules

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To guarantee the healthy growth of hair and nails, hair and nail roots require a sufficient amount of energy in the form of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. It is often the case that no deposits of these substances, which the body is unable to produce itself, can be formed. Without a continuous supply from the outside, the body suffers deficiencies, which may lead to hair loss and imbalanced or weak nail growth. The high-performance active complex of Hair & Nail Strengthening Food Supplement is based on a unique composition of ingredients with a synergistic effect. The perfectly balanced composition of spirulina, amino acids, vitamins and minerals promotes healthy cell growth. Hair loss and nail breakage are reduced, the hair is given shine and structure, and perfect and strong nail growth is restored.