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Hairloss Control Scalp Concentrate

The scalp concentrate revitalises the hair roots and prolongs the life cycle of the hair. It uses differentiated effect mechanisms to combat hair loss, promote hair growth and significantly improve the quality and density of the hair.
Filling Quantity
10 A. x 10ml

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Hairloss Control Scalp Concentrate is a highly effective scalp serum with a scientifically proven effect. Innovative active ingredients regenerate the tissue of the hair roots, reactivate the stem cells of the hair follicle and ensure a comprehensive supply of vital substances. The productivity of the processes crucial for healthy hair growth, which declines over time, is reactivated. Three different mechanisms actively combat hair loss and stimulate hair growth. An Edelweiss extract from organic cultivation in the Swiss Alps reaches the hair root directly due to its special encapsulation. There, it actively ensures that the lifespan of the hair is extended. The number of hairs that grow back is significantly increased after the treatment, while the number of hairs that fall out is considerably reduced. The hair becomes thicker and denser. In addition to hair loss, hair greying is also counteracted. The hair that grows back is stronger and much healthier.