Article No. 120306

Hairloss Control Scalp Lotion

The scalp lotion slows down the aging process, strengthens hair growth, improves hair density and counteracts hair loss.
Filling Quantity
100 ml

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Hairloss Control Scalp Lotion tackles hair loss at the root and is the ideal anti-aging strategy for maintaining and noticeably improving hair body. The scalp lotion with powerful plant-based active ingredients regenerates the hair roots in all key functions and helps them to form stable, strong hair again. This makes it ideal for prophylaxis and accompanying therapy against hair loss. The effect concept is based on state-of-the-art active ingredients that counteract hardening of the follicle due to gradual saccharification, revitalise the hair root, increase the formation and productivity of stem cells and stimulate the growth and lifespan of the hair. Daily use counteracts both hair loss and age-related hair changes, thus providing timelessly strong hair full of body.