Turn up the heat!

Proper blow-drying is something you have to learn. These instructions will show you how.

How do you dry your hair like the salon pros? It's a cinch when you have a good hairdryer and know the best technique. The hair likes a gentle temperature, the necessary heat protection and the right combing direction. If you do all this, you can keep the scissors in the drawer for a while, even if you have long hair. And with products from La Biosthétique the drying and subsequent styling is practically bound to be a success.

1. After washing, prepare the hair for drying

Thoroughly dry the still wet hair with a towel. First press out the tips in a towel, then wrap the towel around the rest of the head and gently knead the hair. Definitely don't rub the hair dry. This will not only knot it, but also roughen up the individual strands and damage the scale structure. While the hair is still damp, spray on the nourishing leave-in conditioner Beauté Essence de Proteine . It provides lots of care and better combability. Only then should you brush the hair. But, depending on the hair type, make sure you use the right brush.

Don't forget: Heat protection such as Heat Protector Spray effectively and actively protects the hair from heat damage by a hairdryer, straightening irons, etc. The multifunctional two-phase formulation keeps moisture inside the hair and provides an iridescent shine without heaviness.

2. The right hairdryer to dry your hair

A high-quality hairdryer is not only better for your hair's health, but also provides a much more beautiful result. Such a model should have several heat and blow speed settings, as well as a cool shot. Different attachments and nozzles are an added bonus. Depending on its length, you can blow-dry the hair between three and five minutes to avoid unnecessarily stressing it. If necessary, take a short break and then blow-dry it again. Always start with a low heat setting and then gently increase. The dryer the hair, the more it can tolerate the heat. Finally, blast the hair with the cool shot. This ensures that the hair cools faster and prevents it from overheating and dehydrating. In addition, the style will last longer and stubborn strands are easier to tame.

3. Blow-drying the hair for curls and volume

Natural curls look best when they are gently detangled after washing and then air-dried or dried with a diffuser. One innovation for perfect drying of curls is the Hairdryer Diffuser from La Biosthétique. The silver- and titanium-coated diffuser with gentle air-dry effect perfectly and gently distributes the warm air of the hairdryer. It fits on all standard hairdryers. The use of this attachment makes the hair easier and more flexible to style, the curls remain compact and the formation of frizz or static is prevented. The diffuser is practically lightweight with a small design that makes it suitable for travel

La Biosthetique Curl Activator contains magnesium salts to strengthen the hair's springiness and wheat peptides improve the shape of the curls. To achieve beautifully bunched curls, place the damp strands of curls in or on the diffuser and use warm air and a low speed setting to dry from tips to lengths, pushing the curls towards the head. You can also use your fingers to lift or twist individual strands. If you blow-dry the hair with your head upside down, you can reach the bottom sections more easily. For lasting XXL volume, make sure you blast the hair one last time with the cool shot and don't comb it again.

If you create the curls by blow-drying with the round brush or by using curling irons, then first spray on Curl Protect & Style . It protects against heat and makes the curls last longer. Then wind curls into the hair strand by strand or work with a brush and hairdryer or curling irons in the right sizes[CJ1]. When blow-drying make sure that the curls are fully dry. Briefly allow the hair to cool and then style the individual strands.

For more volume, even for fine hair - before blow-drying spray Volumising Lotion with integrated care complex into towel-dried hair, and lightly work in with the fingers. Then, ideally use a round brush such as the Ceramic & Ion 45 mm , and roll the individual strands around it while stretching them out, and then blow-dry from the bottom and at the roots. Start with the section at the back of the bottom of the head and work upwards. Let the hair cool. Then gently comb out or turn the head upside down and run your fingers through the hair.

4. Blow-drying short hair

If you think that short hair is limiting when it comes to blow-drying, you are wrong. Because even styles with short hair are very variable and individual. Whether rock, classic chic or romantic style, the right treatment when drying is what makes the difference. Please note that short hair dries much faster than long hair. The blow-drying duration is less and thus you will quickly pass the critical stage where good styling is possible. For a cheeky bedhead look, apply Texturizer to the hair, blow-dry the hair in all directions and pluck into shape with the fingers. For classic hairstyles, spray on the setting lotion Pilviplax P before blow-drying. It features creative uses and offers flexible yet strong hold. Then, use a smaller brush such as Styling Brush with wild boar and nylon bristles to blow-dry the individual strands in the desired direction from roots to tips. The blow-drying air should not be too strong, and ideally you should concentrate it with a nozzle.

5. When you need to blow-dry the hair fast

Most mornings, time is at a premium in the bathroom, so you need to learn how to quickly blow-dry your hair. After washing the hair, press it out several times in the towel and gently knead. Then briefly blow-dry the uncombed hair at a low heat. Now work Transformer styling cream into the hair and comb through gently but thoroughly. The cream gives the hair a very natural shape, whether curly or straight. In addition, it calms and smooths the hair structure. Now blow-dry the hair from the roots and simultaneously style with the brush or fingers. Finally, briefly blast the hair with a cool shot, and arrange individual sections as desired. Finish by spraying with the Formule Laque Fine aerosol hairspray to give the hair volume and effective shine and fix the loosely blow-dried style.

Extra tip: plan sufficient time for a new style you haven't created before, so you can try it out in peace to perfectly style the hair. This avoids frustration and stress, and when you have a big event the hairstyle is easy to create.