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Natural, shiny, conditioning: The gentle method to create intense colour and radiant shine with the innovative demi-permanent tinting gel Color & Gloss.

Color & Gloss is suitable for everyone who loves their hair colour, and wants to gently give this love even more expression and shine. Your colour, but more beautiful! This is Color & Gloss. The demi-permanent colouration system softly enhances instead of drastically changing the colour. Using a very gentle method. Completely free from ammonia and monoethanolamine (MEA), the tinting gel Color & Gloss intensifies every hair colour, whether natural or coloured. Lightened hair is given individual shading, grey hair is concealed, tired looking lengths and tips are refreshed.

Colour, shine or both?

Arginine, i.e. natural amino acids, adopts the role of ammonia and MEA in Color & Gloss. Gentle and odourless, this protects the hair for the treatment, and ensures that colour and care properly take. That said, the selection of the individual Color & Gloss shade defines whether the salon treatment needs to focus on refreshing shine or whether an additional stronger pigmentation and more vibrance are needed. Work with your stylist to find the hair colour that best suits your type. Depending on how intense you want the colour effect to be, the processing time is between 10 minutes and half an hour. The pH neutral character of Color & Gloss protects hair and scalp, whilst natural oils such as argan, macadamia nut and sunflower protect the hair fibres and create the radiantly shiny finish that Color & Gloss is known for.

Durable and easy-care

Due to the oxidative effect of Color & Gloss, the durability is somewhere between that of a demi-permanent and a temporary colour. There is no root regrowth because the hair isn't lightened.


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The La Biosthétique colour experts will individually advise you on how to enhance your colour look with Color & Gloss. Are you in search of a La Biosthétique colour expert near you? Find them now in the salon finder.

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Colour protection

Protection Couleur, the special colour care for home use, ensures that the vibrant colour power and breathtaking shine of your professional Color & Gloss colour lasts as long as possible and that the hair is supplied with moisture. Glam Color Advanced enables you to refresh your hair colour between salon visits.

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