Cool Hair Style Glamour Looks –

Inspired by the fashionable spirit of the 1970s

Creative richness:

A graduated lob for soft, natural wavy and curly looks - playful and elegant, bang on trend and yet uniquely individual. Completely up-to-date (but with a hint of disco at the heart of the look). 

Silk and satin:

Elegant tone-on-tone colour progressions in cashmere blonde, camel blonde and caramel blonde support the flexible, individual styling. Romance knows no limits, but is completely independent. 

Yesterday curls, but today just the softest hint of waves:

The right products enable you to create veritable transformations without magic, but still provide the magic of a perfect style.

Smart, mysterious and sexy:

A round graduation with bob elements, for lots of movement and large waves. Full of feminine power and yet full of sensuous beauty — radically unique. 

The luxury of colour:

Rich and shiny nut and chocolate brown, a colourful eyecatcher on the top of the head in a warm caramel-beige shade, which can be styled to be more or less visible depending on your preference — elegant, sophisticated and expressive. 

My look for today:

The cool layered look with narrow sides and short nape with emphasis on the fringe enables unlimited styling variations. After all, who wants the same look every day? 

And tomorrow?

The ultra flexible cut with the longish fringe enables countless styling variations, such as the casual quiff, which of course harks back to the 1970s but is brought up-to-date. And perhaps another style tomorrow?

Always in motion:

A casual, 1970s -inspired shoulder-length layered look with lots of texture. A cut like a dance: wild, sensuous and full of rhythm.

Naturally modern:

The delicate, powdery nude blonde with slightly darker roots — minimalist elegance with the perfect dose of rock ’n’ roll. 

Style is an attitude — but every look is also based on attention to detail:

A casual ponytail, but with that certain je ne sais quoi: random and yet completely effective. This is how little things make a big impact. Very simply - and yet we are able to create artistry, at it's very best.

The new Style

For the perfect style everything must be in balance. The new styling products by La Biosthétique are essential when it comes to creating this balance. And tomorrow too, but with a different style.


The short haircut with disconnected sides and contours, inspired by the 1970s, brought up-to-date - strong roots and even more personality.

Shiny and iridescent warm colour reflexes:

Such as creamy blonde, caramel blonde and camel blonde are elegantly and modernly combined with the graduated style. The soft colour progression works with different styling variations. Modern seventies par excellence!

The glamour, the party, the spotlight:

A cut for many variations: from smart to wild, from business looks to nights on the dance floor. Short cuts really can be this flexible — with the right styling.