Deep Cleanse for the skin

Breathing a sigh of relief in the evening is not just important for you, but also for your skin! 

When we go to bed at night, it goes without saying that we change into our nightwear. But what about our skin? This also needs cleansing to free it from dirt and grime. The right overnight care can work wonders. Give your skin what it needs, and turn your cleansing routine into an everyday spa ritual! 

Step 1: Cleansing

Clair de Teint Doux offers an effective cleanser and moisture balancer in one. The cleansing milk gently frees the skin of toxins, surplus sebum and make-up. Calming natural ingredients such as oats and panthenol relax the skin and create balance. For particularly dry skin Clair de Teint Jeunesse offers a rich, caring alternative. For oily skin, you are best opting for Clair de Teint Purifiant, a cleansing gel with mild, purely plant-based surfactants that is guaranteed to free blemished skin from oil and blocked pores. One alternative to the cleansing milk and gel is Mousse Nettoyante. The cleansing foam penetrates the skin deep into the pores without weighing it down. Its cell-active hydro active ingredient of malic acid and apple pectin frees the skin from surplus oil and other toxins whilst the skin’s protective acid mantle is strengthened. The skin is not only gently cleansed and refreshed, but also becomes more stress-resistant. 

Step 2: Exfoliation

In contrast to standard exfoliants, Peeling Enzymatique is particularly gentle on the skin: the creamy consistency does not contain any rough exfoliating granules and does not require any vigorous rubbing. This avoids unnecessary stimulation of the circulation, which is not only good for sensitive skin, but is also particularly beneficial for skin prone to redness. The secret lies in the ingredients: a combination of papaya enzyme complex that frees the skin of surplus corneocytes and water-storing algin that reliably protects the skin from dehydration. The exfoliant is visibly effective after just a few applications, and the delayed release of the enzymatic active ingredients lastingly ensures that the skin becomes more even. Use the exfoliant several times a week to improve the appearance of tired looking skin, pigment spots, scars and fine lines! Masque Peeling is a mixture of face scrub and mask. Fine exfoliating silica gel granules cleanse the skin right down to the pores. Simply massage into the skin using circular motions for 1-2 minutes, and say bye-bye to rough of skin. After just one application, the complexion feels smoother.  

Step 3: Tonique

Now the skin is ideally prepared for a multimineral cocktail. Everybody knows the feeling: you get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet, but your skin still often looks sallow. The long-chain hyaluronic acid incorporated in Tonique Hydratant protects against free radicals and toxins that the skin is often ill-equipped to deal with on its own. The mixture of magnesium, zinc and copper offers an extra boost of energy to your everyday routine, and restores fresh and healthy radiance to the skin. Tonique Visalix Doux is specially designed to make it easier for dry and sensitive skin to absorb moisture: its pleasantly light and moisturising texture relaxes the skin in the morning and evening. Visalix Jeunesse features an even lighter consistency, and has the texture of a fresh gel without making the skin feel tight. The light hydroessence not only normalises the protective acid mantle. It also improves the skin’s moisture penetration, and results in a smooth skin surface. 

The skin-cleansing products at a glance: