Get Colorized!

Colour meets perfection

Colour animates our life, arouses emotions and creates associations. Only colour is capable of turning a good style into a really good style. Special and unmistakable. Immerse yourself in the Color System Tint & Tone Advanced colour world of La Biosthétique. A world of unlimited colour diversity specially customised to you. Perfect your styling with your personalised colour look and become #colorized. Taking a holistic look at your personal beauty is the focus of our professional colour service. Precisely this is the philosophy of La Biosthétique: the Culture of Total Beauty.

Colour meets individuality

The right hair colour matches your personality and emphasises your character. Whether soft, natural or intense: The La Biosthétique Color Experts precisely customise the Tint & Tone Advanced Color System to you. For a completely individual result. For your personal moment. Trust Tint & Tone Advanced and your La Biosthétique experts.

Colour meets naturalness

Natural ingredients with integrated care functions make your scalp feel good during and after the colouring process. La Biosthétique Tint & Tone Advanced was designed by international colour experts and scientists, and dermatologically confirmed (without any animal testing) as hypoallergenic in dermatological testing.

Color look by Fabio Priori

Color look by Alexander von Trentini

Color look by Dashi Krasnici

Color look by Alexander von Trentini

Color look by Dashi Krasnici

Colour meets shine

Pamper your hair with a conditioning and particularly gentle hair colour. A combination of Japanese yellow wood extract and aloe vera is gentle and calming. Coconut oil and betaine supply moisture, softness and extraordinary shine and colour brilliance. For noticeably healthier feeling hair with ultimate durability.

Colour meets creativity

Tint & Tone Advanced is exclusively used by La Biosthétique colour experts. Make the most of this individual and professional consultation. With their creativity, their sense of colour and a first-class colour system, they are capable of perfectly staging the beauty of your hair. 

Fabio Priori, Salon Sergio, Berlin, Germany:

“Pastel shades are still big, and very much in demand with my salon customers. Pastel shades give a classic cut a fresh and fashionable look.”

Dashi Krasnici, Salon Dashi Krasnici, Düsseldorf, Germany:

“La Biosthétique meets perfection: balayage is our innovation to give hair a fresher, young and stylish colour. These days our work is very customised: the hair colour is individually personalised depending on the skin type. Many different shades create highlights and lowlights in the hair, and the flowing transitions ensure that the entire style looks fuller and shinier. The customer doesn’t have a problem with the roots and can lastingly enjoy the hair colour. We can perfect our hair colours with glossing.”

Alexander von Trentini, Salon Trentini Friseure, Wiesbaden, Germany:

“This year I find it particularly cool that the colours have a rich radiance and intense vibrance. Many related shades are mixed with different facettes to create a complete work of art. It is absolutely vital that the colour runs darker from the roots into the lengths. The colours are thus given a three-dimension”.

Do you love colour? Now you can discover the latest trends of our Color Experts and make an appointment today. Get colorized – our colour experts will be happy to advise you!