Gouache Sponge Coloring

Invigorating light effects: Lively, interesting and fascinating. 

Gouache – a reinterpretation for autumn and winter: The colour technique Gouache Sponge Colouring creates spontaneously playful, multi-tonal colour-blending effects in the hair. From soft to vibrant. Partially varying accents and unique, richly faceted colour progressions. This innovative application offers new ways and creative options for variations of gouache looks. 

Who does it look good on? 

The Gouache Sponge Colouring Look is suitable for straight to curly, fine to thick and medium-length to long hair. Particularly beautiful effects can be created on long and layered hair. But precision cuts with geometric lines can also be accentuated by the partial colour placement with iridescent colour effects. 

International Creative Color Director Andrea Bennett:

“The Gouache Sponge Colouring technique offers countless colour variations. The look is fascinating because of its particularly targeted accents and unique, richly faceted colour progressions. Individually tailored to you. This colour look is for everyone who wants to liven up their hair colour and would like an expressive look with spontaneously iridescent light effects”. 

Tip: Your La Biosthétique colour expert will select a customised colour combination for you that emphasises your natural beauty – make an appointment now to try out the latest trend. 

Home Color Care: