The perfect hand cream

The face and body always deserve a great deal of attention and intensive care. However, the hands are often neglected but, they too, need highly effective and individual treatment.

The first thing we notice when we meet someone is their eyes. But, shortly afterwards, it’s another part of the body that attracts our attention: the hands. They are a type of calling card and, alongside our face, they attract the most attention. At the same time, they are subjected to extreme stress. They have to withstand wind and weather, hold objects, perform dramatic gestures and are also washed A LOT. This dehydrates their thin skin. Consequently, the hands need special care in winter. This rapidly prepares them to withstand the heat from central heating and cold temperatures.

The most important thing about the right care is the right cream. So, do your hands a favour and choose:

Citromycine - for dry skin

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Traitement Mains - for stressed hands

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Creme Protectrice - for extremely stressed hands

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Citromycine - for dry skin.

From the Spa care range, which has a seductive scent and was developed by star perfumier Geza Schön. Spa Citromycine, the sensuously scented hand cream, intensively nourishes the skin with selected active ingredients. Selected yoghurt components maintain the skin’s natural protective function whilst rich oils stabilise the skin barrier, even with dry skin.   

The result: silky soft skin without tightness.


Traitement Mains - for stressed hands.

Smoother, more youthful hands thanks to Traitement Mains. The regenerative hand care is geared towards stressed hands, and contains blackcurrant seed oil, balloon vine extract and sunflower oil for perfect care and protection. Natural ingredients such as watercress combined with zinc and Vitamin B3 prevent pigment disorders, as well as age spots.  A marine moisturiser protects against moisture loss, and papaya extract visibly and noticeably smooths the skin. 

The result: regenerated, beautifully cared for skin and even pigmentation.  


Creme Protectrice - for extremely stressed hands.

Crème Protectrice is non-oily, very rapidly absorbed and makes the skin feel pleasantly cared for. Extremely dry, rough and chapped skin is intensively protected and supplied with moisture. The special thing about the active ingredient is its variable structure: when there is high moisture in the skin, the hydrophilic part of the phospholipid is turned outwards. When there is low humidity, the lipophilic part of the phospholipid remains on the surface to strengthen the barrier layer. This ensures the skin is always ideally supplied with moisture.


The result: pure relaxation for stressed hands and nails.


Some additional tips for beautiful hands that you can count on five fingers:


  • Always wash in lukewarm water! This is because hot water is extremely drying to the skin. Afterwards, only dab hands dry. Don’t rub.

  • Massage the hands! This is not only relaxing, but also good for the circulation. And thus also effective to combat premature skin aging.

  • Exfoliate the hands! A hand scrub gently removes dead skin scales, and gives you beautifully soft hands in a flash. Try Manicare.

  • Use hand cream! The skin of the hands has a different structure to the rest of the body. So don’t use body lotion, etc. on it.

  • Regularly apply cream! Particularly after washing, you should always treat the thin and stressed skin to an extra amount of moisturising cream. Repeatedly apply a thick layer of cream. Wear cotton gloves overnight to allow the moisturising nutrients to be absorbed.