Have a nice weekend

Treat yourself to a day for yourself.  

Imagine a day where you have almost nothing to do. It’s possible if you really want. Here are a few ideas of what you can do. But – anything goes, but nothing is essential. 

Wake up

How wonderful to be able to wake up in the morning without the irritating ringing of an alarm clock, and to be able to peacefully linger a little longer in bed. Your family have their own schedule and have already left the house. The bathroom is free, so there’s time to freshen up. How about taking a cosy bath this morning with wonderfully scented bath salts instead of your usual quick shower? For example, Spa Le Sel de Bain with natural sea salt from Brittany in France. Whilst listening to music or simply enjoying the sound of silence. And after your bath it’s time to apply cream or lotion. Wonderful for your skin and with a scent that matches the bath salts: Spa L’huile, a velvety soft, rapidly absorbed body oil with harmonising milkbased active ingredients.

Manicure Plus …

If you have time, you can turn the manicure routine into a spa experience for the hands. And there’s a wonderful product for this: Manicare from natural oils and fine Himalayan sea salt. It removes scales of skin and smoothens the cuticle. Can be rapidly applied, but a little extra turns it into a wonderful relaxation: slowly massage the fingers from the nail bed downwards in small spirals and stroke out over the back of the hand to the joint. Then individually shake out each finger and traction it.


Barefoot alone at home. A good opportunity to treat your body to a little pampering. For example, with a foot bath perfumed with a splash of your favourite scent. Following by a long massage to activate the many nerve endings of the feet. Wonderfully relaxing! And you don’t even need to be an expert. Simply take the foot in both hands, vigorously knead the dorsal side with the thumbs and the plantar side with the fingers, start at the toes and go in the direction of the heel. Then thoroughly apply cream to the skin with stroking motions. Ideal: the intensively conditioning and invigorating Spa La Crème Intense pour les Pieds.

How about some sport?

You can skip it today if you don’t feel like it and the weather isn’t that inviting. But whoever is used to running should give it a go. Open up your lungs and get your circulation going. But maybe you shouldn’t perform today’s training as just an exercise routine, but take a break to explore the area. Perhaps there is something beautiful and interesting to discover en route, something you might miss on other days.

Extra Hair Care

Of course, you always give your hair good care. But mostly you only have time for a fast and practical spray conditioner. Today, it’s time to treat the hair to a real wellness programme – with the luxury care Action 2 Phases. Phase 1 is Spray Régénérant and deeply regenerates the hair. Phase 2 Masque Intense provides lots of moisture and valuable active ingredients from Moringa seed to protect against stress factors. The result: silky, shiny hair full of fresh vitality and bounce.  


The secret of all relaxation techniques is a switch. A switch you activate to get away from your everyday life and gain some distance. But it usually takes a lot of practice. On a peaceful weekend, this is amazingly easy: with old photos, preferably those on paper. Simply go through them to take a little trip back in time. Some make you smile, others make you melancholic. You meet some friends again, remember fun experiences and disasters you overcame. The same goes for favourite songs.

For body & soul

What’s the old saying? Food and drink are sustenance for body and soul. A few delicacies can do this too, so it’s smart to treat yourself to some deli purchases the day before – for once without paying attention to calories and prices. And perhaps you can also visit a tea shop to pick out three or four different kinds of teas and enjoy the special aromas during a little tea tasting. Not in the tea shop, but in our salon, you will also find a very exquisite variety: Le The Citronné with the rare lemon myrtle. Have a nice time!  


A whole day alone – without things that still have to be done, nothing to take care of and taking a break from the Internet. Take time to think and contemplate life. What’s a problem and why. What’s working well and what’s not. Tip: don’t lose yourself in thought, but be active. And take an old-fashioned piece of paper and pen and write down everything that is going through your head. That’s all. Don’t read it again, but put it away. And take out this piece of paper a week later. You might find it interesting.

These are the products for a weekend for yourself: