Heat protection for beautiful hair

How to protect your hair from heat damage, including during your daily styling.

Extreme heat attacks the hair’s cuticle. Some styling tools such as straightening or curling irons reach temperatures of up to 230 degrees. The result: without protection and used incorrectly, the hair dries out, looks brittle and split ends form. In the worst case scenario, the hair simply breaks off. But this doesn’t have to be the case, not even after daily styling, as long as you follow these heat protection tips. Depending on your styling goal, La Biosthétique recommends different products to protect the hair from damage.

To ensure everything runs smoothly

The heat protection spray Heat Protector is particularly suitable for styling with a straightening iron. The spray contains a special formulation which enables it to evenly transmit the heat of the straightening iron in a way that protects the hair, and additionally wards off hair-damaging temperature fluctuations. Thanks to the spray, the hair’s natural moisture is locked in the hair. The hair doesn’t dry out, feels silky and continues to have a healthy shine. In addition, the overall straightening process is faster as the hair was not moistened again. Particularly when straightening, the hair is now effectively protected.

Taming wild hair without regret

Those who have had enough of their curly look or would like to transform frizzy hair into a straight mane should think about protecting their hair. A straight styling product alone is not enough! Apply Therm-o-Flat to the hair before blow-drying. The multi-active active ingredient complex in the straightening fluid strengthens and protects the hair and also gives it a high shine. Whoever additionally generously sprays on Heat Protector before blow-drying will do their hair a favour. Because stylists also use more extreme heat for stubborn hair or curls. Your hair is thankful for extra protection.

Time for curls

No matter whether there are only a few curly strands at the front or you want a complete curly mane, with good curling irons, time and patience, it’s no problem. The heat extremity will depend on your hair, but you definitely need to use heat protection: before using the curling irons, spray Curl Protect & Style from a distance of about 20 cm, strand by strand, on to dry hair. And now you can get going. But beware: make sure you never directly expose the hair ends on the curling irons to extreme heat because they are particularly sensitive. Thanks to the spray, the curls will last for a long time and your hair will be soft and silky.

Back in shape

Whoever wants to reshape their curls the next day should use Molding CreamIt is ideal in the morning to freshen up your style: simply rub the solid modelling cream between your hands. This liquefies the hydrophilic fibres and enables you to perfectly distribute them into the hair. Once the cream cools, it gives the hair shape and stability. Do you want to change your style? Simply heat with the blow-dryer and restyle. The hair remains smooth and is conditioned by the beeswax and strengthened by the panthenol contained in the product.

Whoever follows these heat protection tips will protect their hair from split ends and dryness. Nevertheless, you should only use heat styling for certain occasions and not straighten or curl the entire top of your head every day. Even the most robust hair can’t tolerate this.

The heat protection products: