The La Biosthétique Color System Blonde makes going blonde even more natural, even more gentle and even more exciting. With Blonde you will experience a new dimension in hair colour!

Blonde is much more than just a hair colour. It's an attitude. It's a lifestyle. For a long time, being blonde has no longer been a question of genetics. Women choose to go blonde. Stars from Marilyn Monroe to Lady Gaga prove the special attraction of blonde hair. Whether blondes really do have more fun, as Rod Stewart and an iconic advertising slogan claim, remains to be seen. But one thing's for sure: the blonde hair colour makes the world more varied and more lively, arouses emotions, associations and desires.

From blonde to blonde

Not all blondes are equal. With Blonde Powder La Biosthétique is setting new standards in bleaching services. Conventional bleaching opens the cuticle of the hair with a highly alkaline pH level between 10 and 11, which makes it more porous and more brittle, which in turn can result in a rough and damaged hair surface, as well as oxidation damage inside the hair. The particularly creamy bleaching powder Blonde Powder, on the other hand, protects hair and scalp with a lower pH level. The cuticle remains much smoother and flatter, the inside of the hair is better protected. Noticeable results are a vital feel and shiny colour of the hair.

Conventional bleaching

Wide open external cuticle

Possible risk: Rough and damaged hair surface Higher risk of oxidation damage inside the hair

Blonde Powder

Gentler opening of the external cuticle

Better protection of the hair surface thanks to less open cuticle Lower risk of oxidation damage inside the hair

#MoreThanBlonde Look Inspiration


La Biosthétique Blonde is more than just blonde. Blonde turns a good style into a great style. Every blonde is special and unmistakable. Cool blonde features fascinating icy reflexes that are lastingly preserved by care with Protection Couleur Crystal. Warm golden blonde looks sun-kissed. Protection Couleur Blonde provides lasting colour brilliance.

Which #MoreThanBlonde type are you?

Have you decided to go blonde in a La Biosthétique salon of your choice? Show us your #MoreThanBlonde look by sharing it on Instagram with the hashtags #MoreThanCoolBlonde or #MoreThanSunnyBlonde - depending on whether you choose a cool or a warm shade of blonde.



Your #MoreThanBlonde care tips for home use

With colour-refreshing pigments and a special shine complex, Protection Couleur and Glam Color Advanced offer the perfect protective blonde care for home use:

Colour care for cool shades of blonde:

Colour care for cool shades of blonde:

Andrea Bennett, International Creative Color Director

"The innovative La Biosthétique Color System Blonde features gentle bleaching that guarantees an individual and perfect blonde look every time. Even with extreme lightening, the result is an outstanding hair quality and a beautifully balanced blonde. The particularly creamy and stable consistency of the Color System Blonde is suitable for all applications and can be adapted to every look, wish and hair type. Simply ingenious and definitely more than just blonde - it's blonde magic!"

Create natural blonde results from cool to golden blonde with the help of your La Biosthétique colour expert:

The matching make-up for your #MoreThanBlonde look:

Emphasise your character not only with your hair colour. Bring out your #MoreThanBlonde look with the make-up look "Tender is the Night".

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