Resolving to be more beautiful

It's the same every year: we ambitiously make our New Year's resolutions to do more sport, lose a few pounds or eat a healthier diet. Because the New Year is the perfect time to break our bad habits. But our motivation is vital for us being able to keep these resolutions. That is why we have the perfect incentive for you: make yourself pretty. With these resolutions that are very easy to implement, 2016 will be a very beautiful year.

Resolution N° 1: Bright eyes

Every morning, we look at the same swollen eyes with dark shadows. These occur when blood vessels become visible through the very thin skin in this facial area. Because all processes that occur in the skin first become visible in the thin skin of the eye area. Not enough sleep, too much alcohol or stress - all this is visible under our eyes. Special creams boost the flushing out of these toxins and strengthen the little blood vessels.

Easy to do: get at least seven hours of sleep every night. This is vital. And right after waking up, drink a large glass of lukewarm water. This helps to activate our lymphatic system.

Our product tip: Douceur Contour

The cooling eye care gel relaxes the sensitive skin of the eye area and banishes annoying undereye circles. Swollen eyelids are visibly reduced.

Resolution N° 2:

Well groomed hands

They really do everything for us: our hands. As a thank you for the outstanding service they constantly provide us with, they belong on our list of New Year's resolutions. Because every day they are exposed to cold, wet, heat and much more. Regular cream applications are part of the standard care. Ideally every time you wash your hands.

Easy to do: once a week, we should also treat our hands to an intensive treatment. Prepare a warm hand bath and hand scrub, push back the cuticles and file the nails. Then pamper the nails with nail oil and apply an intensive hand care cream to the hands.

Our product tip: Manicare

Keeps hands soft and smooth: the hand scrub contains finest Himalayan salt and high-quality oils to rapidly give you exquisitely beautiful hands.

Resolution N° 3: Shiny hair

Bye-bye brittle, dry hair. From now on, we'll regularly trim split ends. Because this improves the hair's condition and health. In addition, it's good for us mentally to treat ourselves to regular pampering and have a nice chat with our hairdresser.

Easy to do: every week, apply a deep-conditioning hair treatment. It supplies the hair with an extra portion of moisture, repairs damage and smoothens the cuticle. This gives it a wonderful shine.

Our product tip: Action 2 Phases

This luxury care with highly exclusive active ingredients repairs, regenerates and provides maximum strength and shapeability. 2 phases to shiny hair.

Resolution N° 4: Clear skin

We should know better: but sometimes we are dog-tired and go to bed without washing our face. This can quickly lead to blocked pores and blemishes. So we need to take control and really make sure we take off our make-up every evening.

Easy to do: once a week, we cleanse our face down to the pores by treating ourselves to a face scrub. This gently removes dead skin scales and makes the complexion glow.

Our product tip: Masque Peeling

The face scrub thoroughly cleanses, removes blemishes and makes the skin feel clarified. The skin is visibly smoothened and the complexion is soft and smooth.

Resolution N° 5: Soft feet

They are often neglected in our care routine. But they take us everywhere. We're talking about the feet. This year, we want to smooth out our soles. The most important thing is to give them the right care. Because with regular cream applications, you can say bye-bye to callused skin. A pumice stone is also an excellent way to prepare the feet for cream applications.

Easy to do: once a week, pamper your feet with a foot bath. This ideally prepares them for the subsequent care. Then apply a thick layer of rich cream, put on cotton socks and leave it on overnight.

Our product tip: Crème Intense pour les Pieds

The foot care cream pampers dry feet with valuable moisture. It has a wonderfully fresh scent and is rapidly absorbed without leaving behind an oily sensation. Calluses and chapped areas are noticeably reduced.

Resolution N° 6: Out with the old

We can't really help it: whilst men are hunters, we are gatherers. Nevertheless, now and again we should go through our make-up bag. Because the little pots and containers are very popular dirt and germ traps. That's why it's time to sort through your make-up bag and get rid of old products.

Easy to do: carefully clean all make-up brushes and let them dry.

Our product tip: Belavance make-up bag

A new make-up bag for the new year: in a simple design with zip and lots of space for all beauty tools that you always need with you.

By the way ...

Are you worried you might not be able to keep your resolutions? If so, there's one thing you should know: It's not a matter of self-discipline, but all about creating good habits. And according to science, a habit has to be repeated 21 times before it becomes automatic. So you have to keep it up for three weeks, and the rest will happen on its own!