Bye Bye Frizz

What should you do when your hair is frizzy and flyaway? "Oh no, fog! My hair will look awful again". Have you ever said that? If so, you are more prone to frizziness than big curls? And do you suffer from frizzy hair?

On the one hand, genetic predisposition is to blame, on the other hand, extremely dry or humid air, chemical overuse, but also incorrect styling can affect the hair. Due to their structure, curly and dry hair is particularly affected by frizz. They become electrostatically charged, start to "fly", are difficult to style and do not stay in the desired shape. Frizz Control soothes unruly hair from washing to styling with plenty of moisture, cares for it intensively and balances out structural weaknesses. Cationic, i.e. positively charged substances, tame unruly hair and have an antistatic effect. The result: unruliness and frizz give way to a lasting smooth manageability and silky shine.

From washing to styling, Frizz Control soothes unruly hair, balances moisture balance as well as structural weaknesses sustainably and smoothes the hair surface. Static charge and frizz are prevented, the stabilized hair is easy to style, smooth and shiny.

Which product combination is helpful?

From moody to tame: with a customized care concept, Frizz Control stabilizes the structure of the hair, increases its resistance to external factors, soothes the texture and provides shiny smoothness.

4 tips from Senior Hair Care Consultant Desirée Ahlhaus

1. It is far better for hair that tends to be frizzy to be blow-dried rather than air-dried. Therefore, as an exception the temperature of the hairdryer should be increased while the power of the blower needs to be reduced.


2. For smooth and even hair it is necessary to blow-dry it thoroughly. Otherwise the remaining damp already causes slightly frizzy hair.


3. For an optimal result blow-dry the hair with the help of high quality brush – the usage of a diffusor is mandatory to achieve a natural, curly hair style.


4. Last but not least, the usage of coarse combs and brushes is ideal for the finishing while fine brushes fluff up frizzy hair.