The secret of beautiful hair

The Beauté care range from La Biosthétique ensures that the beauty of your easy-care hair is maintained.

Hair care is mostly associated with damaged hair, but this is not the case with La Biosthétique. Keeping beautiful hair healthy is our top priority. Did Mother Nature bless you with easy-care, beautiful hair? That's wonderful. You don't have to repair your hair. But, of course you want to keep it beautiful and make your hair care as fast and easy as possible. With that in mind, you don't need your hair care to solve any particular problems - so put your trust in Beauté.

Beauté - gentle cleansing and rapid structural balancing for easy-care hair

Hair has to withstand quite a lot of stress: it is styled with brushes and combs, blasted with overheated dryers or even back-combed. Sometimes curled, straightened or just coloured too often. Even the UV light that the hair is often unconsciously exposed to should not be underestimated. So it's no wonder that even the most beautiful hair is tired after all these attacks. Resilience, shine and volume disappear faster than you might think! A pampering care that protects your hair helps it to survive all this stress. All Beauté care products instantly balance out slight structural damage.

The result: good combability, more shine, good elasticity and ideal stylability - in short: simply beautiful hair.

Beauté - hair protection with a floral and fruity perfume

Protecting beautiful hair starts with the choice of the right shampoo. Shampooing Beauté combines all the properties of a mild shampoo for daily washing. It very gently cleanses and conditions hair and scalp, improves the hair's combability when wet and enrobes hair with a floral and fruity perfume. The spirit of lychee, bergamot, blackcurrant and mandarin is complemented by pink pepper. Embedded in a floral bouquet of rose, jasmine, iris and magnolia. Heliotrope and sandalwood lend harmonious depth to this cheerful perfume.

Beauté - Conditioner for all care and application wishes

Fast-acting deep conditioner that is rinsed out = Conditionneur Douceur

With this deep-conditioning express hair care the hair is easy to detangle and comb out right after washing. Conditionneur Douceur is the right product for everyone who wants to take a moment more time, and would prefer to rinse out surplus care product. The express hair care not only makes your hair silky soft, increases its bounce and gives it naturally beautiful shine, but also balances out unevenness by refilling porous parts of the outer cuticle.

Application tip: After washing, evenly distribute into slightly damp hair, leave in for 1 - 2 minutes and rinse.

Cream leave-in care = Conditionneur Express

The restructuring instant hair care Conditionneur Express is designed for customers who like shaping their hair when working in the conditioner - ideal for e.g. kneading into curls. If you love the feeling of playing with the care cream in your hands, Conditionneur Express is the right choice for you. Your hair's moisture binding is improved. It is given bounce and softness for optimum hair quality.

Application tip: After washing, evenly distribute into towel-dried hair and, depending on the hair length, apply 2-3 pumps for optimum dosage. This is a leave-in product.

Spray on leave-in care = Essence de Proteine

Are you mainly in a rush? If you prefer an easy, fast treatment, and you don't really like using your hands to work product into the hair, the instant action 2-phase protein spray Essence de Proteine with anti-hair breakage effect is the perfect choice for you. One phase intensively improves the hair structure. The other phase adds shine, softness and elasticity. A secure protective film remains in the hair.

Application tip: Shake before use. Then spray into slightly damp or dry hair. Leave-in product.

For special hair care needs

If a hair problem needs to be tackled, the solution-based products of La Biosthétique such as Anti Frizz for unruly and stubborn hair, Curl for curly hair or the deep-conditioning ranges Dry Hair and Cheveux Longs are the right choice. Women who are less naturally blessed with their hair can increase its stability and volume with Fine Hair.

For each specific wish the hair and scalp care range of La Biosthétique provides an individual answer. Once you've reached your goal with a solution-based care product, the protective Beauté products subsequently provide you with lastingly beautiful hair. Request an individual consultation in your La Biosthétique salon.