Botanique Pure Nature

The power of plants for hair and skin

Botany, the oldest branch of biology, is the study of the structure and function of plants. At Laboratoire Biosthétique, it has been paired with phytotherapy, the age-old scientific interest in the healing properties of plants. It is magic and medicine, provides health and alleviation, beauty and protection - everything from nature - from the power of plants.

The new La Biosthétique range Botanique Pure Nature pays homage to the amazing power of nature: the skin and hair care products achieve their effects exclusively with the use of valuable plant essences: 

This 100% certified vegan natural cosmetic range for hair and skin is free from animal ingredients, parabens, mineral oil, silicones, sulphates and alcohol.

Naturally safe beauty

"Whenever possible, we prefer natural active ingredients. We are convinced that effect principles that adjust themselves to the nature of hair and skin achieve the best results in the long term. Our goal was to use the power of plants to create our own range. We were inspired by millennia of phytotherapy (herbal medicine). We applied this basic idea to cosmetics in the form of Botanique Pure Nature. Our plant active ingredients are rated according to their effect and intensity."

Dr Christian Ader, Head of Research, Development and Production

Botanique Pure Nature is a hair and skin care range that proudly contains natural, sustainable ingredients, something that is reflected by four labels:

> 100% certified natural cosmetics – >100% Pure Nature
> 100% vegan – free from animal ingredients
> 100% halal – production in accordance with halal criteria
> 100% Global Social Responsibility – for global sustainability

Ethics, performance, enjoyment

Botanique Pure Nature combines the benefits of 100%-certified natural cosmetics with the uncompromising quality standards of every La Biosthétique product. The products are finished with the valuable aromatherapy scents of award-winning Berlin-based creator of botanical perfumes Tanja Bochnig.

The natural scent concept

"Natural scents possess unique olfactory charisma. In addition, they can also be antibacterial, boost the circulation, strengthen the immune system, calm the body or relax tight muscles - and this list is infinite. For Botanique Pure Nature I developed two types of scents: Intense has a fresh and slightly fruity composition. Gentle is soft and calming."

Tanja Bochnig, creator of botanical perfumes

The three effect segments for natural beauty

Inspired by phytotherapy, the hair and skin care products of Botanique Pure Nature are split into three effect segments:

Botanique Pure Nature