The calming effect of plants  a soft summer breeze that gently caresses your hair and skin.

Gentle represents mild care and cleansing with calming extracts of, for example, ginkgo. For this segment Tanja Bochnig created an essential oil of lavender, lemon and rose geranium.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo trees are extremely resistant. They are better than all other trees at withstanding dryness, pests, heat and cold and frequently grow to over 1000-years-old, which is why they are also dubbed "living fossils"

Type of ingredient: Leaf extract from certified organic cultivation.

Cosmetically relevant effect:

• Contains radical traps/antioxidants

• Can gently improve circulation and oxygen supply 

• Lastingly moisturises 


This sweet grass was cultivated in Asia and Europe as early as 2000 B.C. One of the most valuable grains - rich in protein, healthy fats and healing plant substances.

Type of ingredient: Oat amino acids and derivatives from certified organic cultivation.

Cosmetically relevant effect:

• Calming and conditioning 

• Mild conditioning for skin and hair


Lamiaceae originated in the Western Mediterranean. The Ancient Egyptians and Romans knew and used their healing effect. Lavender fields in the French region of Provence are a firework for the senses.

Type of ingredient: Essential oil from the flowers

Aroma therapy effect:

Calms, relaxes and lifts the mood. Lavender oil is the core component of our Gentle scent composition from Tanja Bochnig. It is married with lemon and geranium to create a relaxing and light scent.

Tanja Bochnig, creator of botanical perfumes

"The theme of this scent composition is relaxation and gentleness. The predominant component of lavender has a slightly calming property, which can positively affect our mood and psyche and imparts a feeling of strength, care and protection. Lemon and rose geranium are an excellent complement in this scent profile with lavender flower, and also fulfil the desired care aspect of the product: cleansing, care and shine. The soothing scent is reminiscent of summer days in the South of France."

The scent composition Gentle

Botanique Pure Nature Gentle comprises shampoo, conditioner, styling mousse and cleansing gel: