A breakthrough for hair loss

effective treatment of hair growth problems

Nobody is happy to experience hair loss - thinner and sparser hair, waking up to find more and more hairs have stuck to your pillow, loose hair left in your brush and comb - these are just some of the symptoms of hair loss. But this product range will put an end to that: the innovative product generation of La Biosthétique is proven to combat hair loss: Thérapie Anti-Chute Plus and Elixir Anti-Chute from the Dermosthétique Anti-Age range. The result: beautiful hair that is fuller for longer!

What causes sudden hair loss? Often it is due to physical or mental stress, hormonal factors, certain medications or natural aging processes. This causes a decrease in the productivity of the stem cells of the hair follicle. In addition, more and more sugars are deposited in the tissue which limits the performance of the hair roots. Hair loss is faster and there is less hair growth. The new active ingredient complex now stops this hair loss.

Thérapie Anti-Chute Plus and Elixir Anti-Chute contain new and already proven ingredients to maintain healthy hair, ensure less hair loss and stimulate new growth: larch wood extracts activate the division rate of the stem cells. Green tea inhibits inflammatory processes in the hair follicle and zinc gives the hair strength and stability. In addition, phyto cell extract from apples, which protects the stem cells from an early cell death, as well as bearberry and padauk, which reduce hardening of the hair follicle due to deposition of sugar (link with article on Dermosthétique).

After about three months of daily application, the result is clearly measurable: 9 percent increase in new hairs and a 17 percent decrease in hair loss. So less hair loss and more hair density.

Elixir Anti-Chute lastingly strengthens hair growth and is a long-term therapy to prevent hair loss. The tonic supports the formation of new stem cells of the hair follicle when there is impaired hair growth, and slows down aging processes.

Thérapie Anti-Chute Plus and Elixir Anti-Chute stop hair loss and noticeably improve hair quality and density.