It is no coincidence that blonde is the most popular hair colour. No other hair colour offers more options. Everyone can pick their individual look from the variety of shades and nuances!

The bleaching techniques are as versatile as the colour palette. Balayage or foilyage for fine highlights, complete bleaching for that ultimate effect. A radiant hair colour knows no limits!

A question of character

Although blonde is a very popular colour, it can be tricky to pick the perfect blonde. Because every skin and hair type needs its own individual shade. So before you dare to try lighter shades, an extensive colour and type consultation should first be performed. This begins with defining the skin colour, then the eye colour, as well as the customer’s natural hair colour and colour tendencies.

In modern colour consultations, all colour types can be roughly divided into three categories: Neutral, cool and warm. If a customer has both cool and warm properties and features, he or she is a mixed type. For the mixed type, depending on the customer’s tendencies and dominance of the individual features, you can opt more for cooler or warmer shades.

Sunkissed Blonde

Sunkissed Blonde shines in neutral, sandy and beige shades of blonde. Do you have blue or light green eyes and a medium complexion with delicate golden undertones? If so, you are a neutral type and Sunkissed Blonde is a perfect match with your colour type. The effortless and natural blonde look does not look dyed, but instead sun-kissed – for a natural appearance.

Nordic Blonde

Nordic Blonde features very light, elegant and clear shades and variations of blonde. This variation is suitable for cool types: fair or rosy complexions and icy blue eyes. Our cool ash and violet shades are flattering on fair skin. Icy platinum blonde and elegant pearl blonde will make you look more elegant and will enhance every blonde look.

Pastel Blonde

This type of blonde is suitable for all eye colours because it makes all of them shine equally. Coral, rose and lilac shades are not only bang on trend, but they are also extremely versatile. They look particularly pretty paired with fair skins and peachy fresh complexions.

Caramel Blonde

Caramel Blonde is combined with warm, lively and sensuous shades such as gold, amber, apricot or strawberry blonde. These warm shades are ideal for medium to olive skin tones. If you have hazel or green eyes and possibly even freckles, you are the ideal Caramel Blonde type. The golden shades will make your skin and eyes shine, and thus emphasise your colour type.