Come undone.

Paris. Fashion Week. The hairstyles of the models at the Talbot Runhof Show in the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts were completely casual. La Biosthétique International Creative Director Alexander Dinter once again created the catwalk look.

Paris 01.10.2015

At the Paris Fashion Week the models from Talbot Runhof walked the runway with a new hair look: a low ponytail, casual centre parting and slightly wavy strands of hair. The trendy undone look naturally emphasised the precise lines of the designer duo's current collection, 

the light as a feather fabrics in a sophisticated combination with black and white cocktail dresses and graphic elements from the automobile industry.

The Italian Kennedy

The inspiration of powerful vehicles was no accident: The grace and joie de vivre of Italian grande dame Marella Agnelli had a defining influence on the Talbot Runhof designs. The former First Lady of the Fiat family provided plenty of interesting inspiration. She was clever and beautiful, incredibly rich, but above all she was always perfectly dressed. As the partner by the side of Fiat boss Giovanni "l'Avvocato" Agnelli, the noble woman by birth lived a luxurious life full of elegance, and the opinion-forming enfant terrible of the literature scene, Truman Capote, once dubbed her the most beautiful of the legendary "circle of swans" an exclusive league of affluent, stylish women during the 1960s.

How to copy the look

To recreate the tasteful laissez-faire elegance yourself, you only need the Volumising Lotion and the Molding Cream from La Biosthétique, a brush, curling irons and a transparent ponytail band. First comb the hair well and then spray with the lotion. Briefly dry and comb carefully. Make a casual centre parting and tie a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Pull out some thin strands at the side and briefly wrap around the curling irons. Distribute some Molding Cream on the hair at the top of the head. Your runway look is complete!

Your runway look is complete!

The La Biosthétique Team at the Paris Fashion Week

Alexander Dinter (International Creative Director La Biosthétique), Jörg Oppermann (Oppermann, Hamburg), Alexander von Trentini (Trentini, Wiesbaden), Dashi Krasnici (Dashi Krasnici, Düsseldorf), Serdal Bengi (Aus der Wieschen, Münster), Jodi Nicholson (Australien), Rachel Espley (Australien), Todd Arndt (Australien), Susan Port (Australien)