Happy hair instead of dry hair!

UV radiation and salt water, incorrect colouring, hot blow-drying and straightening irons – these factors soon become enemies of the hair, ensuring that your hair becomes dull and limp. Your hair hangs down, stressed and lifeless, lacking a healthy shine. The protective cuticle no longer closely surrounds the hair shaft, the stratum corneum breaks open and moisture is lost. The hair becomes porous and brittle. Light can no longer be reflected. And where there is no light, there is no shine. Particularly the ends look frayed and soon break. This ultimately results in split ends! Healthy, soft hair with an amazingly silky shimmer - this is something every hair lover strives to achieve. To prevent dry hair from getting you down, there is only one thing for it: care, care and care again – intensive care. Put life back into your locks. The right care range can reduce hair breakage by up to 70 percent. Eliminate the possibility of dry and damaged hair. La Biosthétique Paris offers the hair care range DRY 

HAIR, featuring a combined powerful cocktail of highly effective natural active ingredients and a clever formulation.

The development of DRY HAIR was scientifically supervised by the renowned testing instituteInstitut Fresenius in Taunusstein. The unique hair care concept DRY HAIR directly tackles the root of the symptoms of dry, damaged hair and uses lipids, proteins and valuable plant extracts to actively combat the damage. Scientifically documented results confirm: up to 34 percent more softness – even after 24 hours. The sweet smell of success: The aroma, specially created by the international scent designer Geza Schön exclusively for La Biosthétique Paris, surrounds the hair with sensuality and elegance – all day long! We are convinced! Are you too?



Moisture power!The hair’s health is dependent on the right shampoo. The ultra-gentle moisturising SHAMPOO features five powerful plant active ingredients to restore irresistible softness and liveliness to dry, stressed and dull hair. In addition, the moisture reservoirs are replenished – for an extra dose of glamour. This thus guarantees a fascinating and unforgettable look – every day!
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Conditioning Spray

Wheat microproteins, black oats, soybean and active ingredients from the desert rose are combined in the Conditioning Spray for unbeatable plant power. Two active phases balance out structural damage in a flash, supply lots of moisture and restore the hair’s liveliness and freshness in the blink of an eye. It is given noticeable elasticity, is once again easy to style and has a delicious holiday scent. Flyaway, static hair is easily smoothed down. Without rinsing, but with an instant effect!
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Puts hair in a great mood! It is not just our mood that is dependent on the weather or other everyday factors. Hair also goes through fluctuations in condition. For instance, dry air, overly hot blow-drying or chemical treatments can result in a brittle, dull or unruly appearance. But the mix is what’s important: proteins, vitamins and lecithin restore the hair’s lost oil and moisture, surround every single hair with an ultra-fine protective film and restore its magic glow! Simply miraculous!
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A hair lift from roots to tips!10 percent of healthy hair’s moisture is inside the hair, but this rapidly disappears in dry hair. To make matters worse, just like the skin, hair becomes more dehydrated as you get older. The older you get, the more you have to actively replenish your moisture reservoirs. Highly innovative lamellar phospholipids work overnight in the intensively regenerating MASK. They glue together broken parts and thus smoothen the cuticle. For shiny, happy hair!
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Klaus Obrecht Product Manager of “Hair care and styling” of La Biosthétique Paris

“Caution, heat! If you are not particularly in a hurry, you should let your hair air-dry. When you blow-dry it, make sure you use a heat protection product. I recommend Heat protector. It perfectly protects the hair against aggressive heat. In addition, in summer you should protect the hair from the sun with a hat or, even better, UV protection such as the ultra-light Soleil Vitalité Express.