Hair care as a complete concept

Experienced experts developed this: The Expert Treatment brand combines exquisite hair care elements to form a complete concept.

One single brand provides the ideal combination of salon and home care. Individual care options for every hair care need boast sustainability and optimum results. Allow the best care elements to work in synergy in your hair. Revolutionary active ingredient complexes of Protection Cheveux Complexe are ideally combined with the naturally conditioning substances of Oil Therapy and the rapid effect of Express Care. As a result, Expert Treatment is always a systematic enhancement of the effect with the goal of achieving the best possible result - beautiful, naturally healthy, full and energised hair.

Elements for the whole hair

It is also possible to apply all Expert Treatment products individually. The big goal, however, is always to provide a sensible combination to achieve the optimum care result. For example, selected PCC care products are also the ideal home care after Oil Therapy. The success of these products that alternately supplement each other is silky, shiny, conditioned and sealed hair. This combination effect is embodied by Expert Treatment as a complete concept.

The special feature of Expert Treatments

The interaction between professional salon services and perfectly matching home care is the core idea of Expert Treatment. Consequently, as La Biosthetique customers, you enjoy the optimum combination of efficacy and convenience on all hair care levels. The home treatment lastingly ensures the valuable result of the salon treatments. The overall goal is always the focus: to utilise all care synergies. Only in combination can the outstanding effect of the individual products be fully achieved. Expert Treatment is the right product range for you if you expect an excellent result, particularly with regard to the durability of the care result and a beautiful, healthy hair structure, even combined with chemical treatments

The Expert Treatment concept has a broad spectrum from salon treatments to deep-conditioning sets to express products. It includes:

Oil Therapy

The salon care Oil Therapy by La Biosthétique is a deep-conditioning treatment that was exclusively developed by experts for La Biosthetique. Oil Therapy lastingly replenishes the hair's vital oil and moisture reservoirs. The hair is given wonderful natural shine, new elasticity, strength and remarkable body. Despite the use of oils, the application doesn't leave a heavy film on the hair, but even gives it new bounce. Oil Therapy is also a very relaxing treatment. It is available in two versions, depending on your needs: Oil Therapy Volume is recommended for damaged, normal to fine hair. Oil Therapy Vital invigorates more severely damaged, rather strong hair and is also ideal for naturally frizzy hair.

Protection Cheveux Complexe

To enhance the gentle effect of Oil Therapy, Protection Cheveux Complexe offers the entire spectrum of restructuring, molecular hair care, particularly after chemical treatments or for protection during chemical treatments. PCC often enables alternating chemical changes to the hair without any damage. PCC embodies a cleverly designed mutual supplement of salon care and home care. The use of highly effective ingredients gives the hair new stability and strength. The goal is always to ensure that chemical treatments are gentle thanks to the molecular hair protection complex. Important results are the completely preserved keratin amount in the hair, as well as the regenerated and protected hair surface.

Express products

To complete PCC and Oil Therapy, La Biosthétique also offers conditioning sprays that don't have to be washed out. These popular leave-in products ensure an additional conditioning effect when you're in a rush. There are two 2-phase express conditioning sprays with a molecular hair protection complex: PCC Express Care Vital for elasticity and softness and the volumising PCC Express Care for volume.

The Expert Treatment home care products at a glance:

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