How often, how long and, above all, which?

If the hair looks attractive and conditioned, people mostly feel that way too. And vice-versa: A beautiful style with healthy hair lifts your mood. In addition to your lifestyle, the right care is vital too. This begins with the right shampoo.

Markus Loboda, La Biosthétique hair expert from Munich Germany, answers all your questions on the topic of shampoo

Markus Loboda from La Biosthétique – do you still shampoo your own customers?

To be honest, only rarely. When I do this, I establish a very close and trusting relationship with the customer. The customers close their eyes, relax and, during the scalp massage and the shampoo, they lay their head in my hands. The trust I build in this moment is very important for the customer's pampering experience in our salon. The customer relaxes right from the outset and feels how important she and her hair is. But, as I said, after the first personal consultation with the customer, I assign the shampooing to our young hair and beauty artists. For the simple reason that the young employees should instantly get some contact with the customers because the focus of our philosophy is to take good care of our customers. And this is how we do it right from the start. Particularly the natural dealings with the customers for small yet important services such as shampooing are what the new employees really enjoy and it boosts their confidence.

What is the first thing the hair and beauty artists learn on the topic of shampooing?

Well, shampooing at La Biosthétique isn't just pour shampoo in your hand and you're ready! After we have chosen the shampoo ...

We'll get to the selection ... but as soon as you have decided on the shampoo?

Good because that is very important! So after we've chosen the shampoo, we carefully comb through short to medium-length hair. For long hair instead we follow this with a special ends conditioner that detangles the hair. We evenly moisten all hair. And with a special applicator bottle we then distribute the shampoo along the parting from the scalp and over the hair. This is followed by the five-zone pampering massage over the front of the head, temples, ears, top of the head and nape of the neck. For long hair place the hair in the basin while massaging the scalp, then end by gently lathering up the shampoo in the lengths. Then carefully rinse out the shampoo. Depending on the hair and scalp situation, shampoo the hair a second time using the same method.

And how can I find the right shampoo for me?

Well, that's actually not that easy for laypeople. Many people see straggly roots and buy a shampoo for oily hair, which can really exacerbate the problem because the scalp wasn't oily at all, but instead it was moist or dry. These are differences that the expert can see. We La Biosthétique hairdressers show our customers these differences in the scalp check with indicator strips - this is how oily, moist or dry the scalp is currently - that's why you need this or that shampoo.

And how much shampoo do you apply?

We go very carefully because we mostly have to first cleanse the scalp and then the hair as we rinse out the shampoo. So we always gradually apply some shampoo to the hair and never everything at once. For thin shampoos apply about 5 to 10 ml; for thick shampoos we would advise you to apply a dosage the size of a walnut. It always depends what type of shampoo it is. It is important to cleanse the whole scalp.

Does a customer ever need several shampoos?

Yes and no. We discuss the customer's wishes with them and react to them. Sometimes it is an acute problem such as a dry or oversensitive scalp. We then treat it with a special shampoo and a certain scalp lotion for a certain duration and get it under control. After a certain time we check the scalp again in the salon and often another shampoo is more suitable. Yes and as well as the scalp it also depends on the hair: Coloured? Curly? Long? Stubborn? Or has it been affected by a holiday by the sea? For all these hair types we have special shampoos!

So this means that I don't need several shampoos at the same time?

No. That's a mistake that is unfortunately very widespread! Your hair and scalp need a shampoo that matches the current condition of skin and hair. Every person changes - gets older, sometimes has more or less stress - all this affects the hair and/or the scalp. This means you should also regularly adjust your shampoo to your lifestyle. Or for short-term changes simply use a scalp lotion such as Stopil P that stabilises all scalp functions.

Does the hair get used to a shampoo?

No. If it does, then it's about not stripping scalp or hair of too much oil or overconditioning them. That's why choosing the right shampoo is so important. An aggressive anti-dandruff shampoo can remove dandruff, but the irritated scalp that has been stripped of oil will now more rapidly produce new dandruff. In this event, it doesn't treat the causes, but instead exacerbates the current condition. You feel like you are given short-term care, but this lastingly damages your body. This is not the case with the right shampoo. This has a long-term effect and, together with a scalp lotion and a Visarôme, restores balance.

And how long should you leave the shampoo on?

Our shampoo has no activation time. We don't want to soften and cause our hair to swell with a shampoo, but we want to wash it. Products such as hair masks or deep-conditioning treatments have an activation time and are subsequently rinsed out. Everything else that has to be activated can and/or should remain on the scalp - like our scalp lotions, Visarômes or ampoules.

Can't I enhance the effect of the shampoo if I leave it on for longer?

No. For this we can only recommend our anti-aging shampoos from the Dermosthétique range as these contain special active ingredients. All other shampoos instantly cleanse as soon as they are applied to the scalp and are then rapidly rinsed over and out of the hair.

And is it normal to wash your hair every day? Or is it better not to wash your hair too often?

It is important to us that you feel good. A healthy scalp doesn't have to be washed every day. But if you feel better washing your hair every day under the shower, you can do this with the right shampoo that is customised to your hair and scalp. But you shouldn't forget the factor of frequent styling. Blow-drying, straightening or putting the hair in curlers is much more stressful to the hair!