Fine hair? No problem!

Our hair's body and strength are a genetic predisposition. What we make of it is up to us. Fine hair needs special care and special treatment.

La Biosthétique's Fine Hair range offers the necessary strength and care to give fine hair more volume, lift and stability. The specially developed power complex of wheat peptides, ceramides, amino acids and proteins conditions the hair and stabilises the hair structure. Above all, the inside of the hair is strengthened to create natural volume and visibly more body. From shampoo to care to styling products, the Fine Hair range completely satisfies all needs of fine hair.

What is fine hair anyway?

We distinguish between thin and fine hair. Thin hair describes the number of hairs on the head, which in this case are fewer than normal. Fine hair, however, refers to the thickness of the individual hair. In fine hair the diameter is only about 0.04 millimetres; compared to 0.05 to 0.07 millimetres in normal hair or 0.07 millimetres in thick hair.

The challenge? Fine hair mostly lacks the necessary bounce and volume. Particularly when it's straight, it soon becomes straggly, created curls unfortunately droop faster and a perfect haircut is a must. So the golden rule is: Don't unnecessarily weigh down fine hair, strengthen the vitality of the hair and roots and create a good styling base with the right care.

Fine Hair Shampoo Vital

As you wash give the hair the right nutrients.

Fine Hair Shampoo Vital features a clever care complex with ceramides that strengthen and protect the cuticle and the inside of the hair. A coconut fatty acid condensate and oat amino acids give the hair combability without softness. The contained wheat peptides provide a lovely energy boost for more stability from roots to tips. Ultimately, the nourishing algae extract guarantees sufficient moisture and is an effective ingredient against free radicals.

Application tip: Moisten the hair with warm water, apply the shampoo along the parting of the scalp and massage in. Briefly lather up and rinse well.

Shampoo Volume

More volume, please!

Shampoo Volume gives even the finest hair an extra boost of body and lift as soon as you wash the hair. Strengthening ceramides and peptides instantly give fragile hair more texture and body. Special antistatic properties combat static and restore stylability to sensitive hair without compromising the volume. When styling, the strands are much easier to handle and the hair's lift is maintained. The hair is deep-cleansed and its strength and firmness are lastingly restored.

Extra tip: To enhance the effect, wash the hair twice consecutively with the shampoo.

Fine Hair Cream

Lasting care for the hair and its structure.

Fine Hair Cream increases the texture, lift and bounce of fine hair. Normally, hair masks are much too rich for fine hair and weigh it down. This La Biosthétique care product uses a new technology that offers effective care, volume and stability, which makes it particularly suitable for curly structures. The Fine Hair Power Complex and specially processed castor oil strengthen the inside of the hair and give it lasting protection. The head is given natural body and - as is scientifically proven: Fine hair is much stronger, much more resistant and visibly more voluminous.

Fine Hair Mask Tricoprotein

More moisture, please!

Stressed, fine hair is given the necessary moisture boost by the Fine Hair Mask Tricoprotein. Tired, limp strands can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to their restored strength and volume. The mask contains valuable extracts of black oats and elderberry. After washing, evenly distribute the mask into the hair, carefully comb through, leave in for 1-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.

Extra tip: Ideally, use Mask Tricoprotein alternately with Fine Hair Cream.

Fine Hair Fluid

Optimum styling products for fine hair.

Fine Hair Fluid gives lacklustre, fine and thin hair more firmness, strength, volume and lift. After washing, it is evenly distributed into towel-dried hair and the hair is then styled. Quaternised wheat protein strengthens the hair and panthenol gives it a beautiful shine. An added benefit is the product's integrated UV filter that protects against the negative impacts of UV rays, which are particularly damaging to stressed, fine hair. Hair oils should be avoided in styling as they would weigh down the hair too much in this hair type! The volume fluid, on the other hand, adds fullness, extra body and liveliness to fine and thin hair. The hairstyle doesn't flop!

How to properly brush fine hair.

To combat flyaway and static in fine hair, you need to use the right hairbrush. Natural materials such as wood and ceramics, proper bristles and ionising techniques are highly suitable, such as the brush Denman D84 Small. It brushes fine hair when wet and dry and the additional ball ends simultaneously massage the scalp. For blow-drying use a ceramic round brush such as Ceramic Hair Brush C-2000 in a medium size. The rounded off bristles with intelligent tourmaline-ion coating seal the cuticle and possess an antistatic effect. Here's how: Starting at the roots hold the brush tight in each strand of half-dry hair, and direct the hairdryer at the brush body.

The right style and the right haircut for fine hair.

In addition to suitable care, the haircut for fine hair is the basis for a beautiful style that looks great. If you have fine and thin hair, you should compromise when it comes to the length. At the tips, the strands mostly become thinner. Overly long styles often lack volume and the hair looks limp and tired. Funky short- to medium-length shoulder-skimming cuts are a better option. (Big) layers are also unsuitable as they also rob the style of its body. A suitable haircut is a natural, volumising cut that is easy to style and that doesn't require stressful styling techniques that weigh down the hair. A colour technique customised to the haircut or a soft perm additionally support the volumising effect. Your La Biosthetique coiffeur will be happy to give you a personal consultation!

The Fine Hair range at a glance: