Glam it up – Glamorous Shine

For a vibrant colour with brilliant shine and optimal care

Would you like to intensify your colour between two colour treatments, give your highlights new reflexes or make your natural hair colour look more expressive? With just a 3–10-minute processing time, the pigments contained in Glam Color Advanced ensure stable colour intensification that lasts three to five washes. Silk and rice proteins improve the hair structure and rebuild damaged or stressed hair, whilst omega-6 fatty acids magically give the hair lots of shine and softness. Ask your La Biosthétique colour specialist about your personal Glam Color Advanced shade.  

Radiant Colour

This particularly applies to the hair colour, which frames the face. Glam Color Advanced Colour Conditioner gives the hair radiant beauty, intensifies the colour and magically creates brilliant reflexes. Consequently, depending on your wish and type, blonde hair is given ashy cool reflexes or a golden shimmer, reddish hair is given rich copper shades or a deep shimmering red, brown is given a cool espresso shade or warm chocolate reflexes. Give your coloured or natural hair intense radiance and sparkling reflexes  

A question of character

Swiss painter, art teacher and co-founder of the Weimar Bauhaus school, Johannes Itten, proposed a relationship between certain colour harmonies and types of people. Subsequently, colour consultation and season types were derived from this. Depending on the skin’s undertone, spring, summer, autumn and winter describe either warm or cool, so more or less intense, colour types. Each colour type can generally wear all colours, but the shade defines the effect, i.e. whether eyes and complexion look radiant or tired and dull.

Your Glam Color Advanced Guide:

Glam Color Advanced is a hair conditioner based on silk proteins which has colour intensifying properties that care for your hair. The innovative, easy-to-apply product provides stunning results in just 3 –10 minutes:

  • Vibrant reflexes

The special pigments of Glam Color Advanced guarantee a stable colour intensification that lasts for 3 to 5 hair washes. The soap bark as natural wetting agent gently supports the penetration of the pigments. Your hair shines in vibrant, glossy and long-lasting colour shades.

  • Perfect Shine

Crambe, rich in Omega 6 fatty acid, provides particularly increased shine and suppleness to your hair.

  • Intensive Care

Silk and rice proteins improve the hair structure and rebuild damaged or stressed hair.

  • Fruity Scent

A light and fruity scent makes the product pleasant to use.