Finally glorious long hair!

The best tips to strengthen hair and accelerate its growth.

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous mane with lots of strong hair, a shiny look and a robust structure? Of course, full long hair is not only genetic, but can also be encouraged by the right care which support its growth.

Boost your hair growth with the right care

Every day it’s perfectly normal to shed between 60 and 100 hairs as you comb your hair. Anything in excess of this is classed as unhealthy hair loss. This makes it clear how important robust and well anchored hair roots are. You can start boosting your hair growth as soon as you shampoo your hair. No matter what your current hair length, all hair should be gently washed with the right care product for you. This not only prevents tangling and tearing, but also prevents hair breakage and hair loss. The active shampoo Shampooing Bio-Fanelanstimulates the scalp’s metabolism and the innovative fatty acid/protein complex provides volume and lift. At the same time, the hair-active lipoamino acids improve the hair’s condition and give it new strength. The hair should always be washed with lukewarm water and gently massaged. If you can tolerate it, you can finish with a cold water rinse. This stimulates the scalp’s circulation and makes the fine scales on the hair surface lie flatter.

A hair cycle that begins with the formation of the hair and ends with the shedding of the hair lasts between four and six years. To ensure not only the hair’s life is maximised, but its stability is also supported, it is best to use stimulating substances. After washing the hair, use e.g. Elixir Anti-Chute. This is lightly massaged into the scalp and features a convincing anti-aging effect thanks to its larch wood based main ingredient. The care oil Luxury Spa Oilprotects, revitalises and repairs porous hair and tips, particularly in long hair. It also gives high brilliance and vibrance!

Statistically, a hair grows approx. 0.3 to 0.5 mm a day, which over a year adds up to a total length of about 15 cm. If your own hair grows more slowly or not fast enough, it is best to use the scalp lotion Intensive Activating Lotion. This stimulates the cell division in the hair roots by 98 percent and accelerates the growth of the hair lengths by up to 32 percent. The lotion is simply applied to the scalp and can be used several times a week.

Even more tips for long and glorious hair

A scalp massage not only stimulates the scalp’s circulation, but also allows the active ingredients of the scalp care lotions to better penetrate the hair roots to ensure extensive nourishment of the hair. The aromatic oil Visarôme Dynamique R is a perfect choice because its contained balanced primary nutrients stimulate hair growth and hair quality. Nutgrass rhizome, horse chestnut extract, honeysuckle and Siberian cocklebur relax the scalp and supply vital proteins for the hair substance. You need only apply one to two ampoules a week directly to the scalp of freshly washed hair.

The perfect protection

To prevent unnecessary hair breakage, when styling you should make sure you don’t overly stress the hair. This begins with hair ties with metal clasps that quickly break the hair. The excessive heat of hair dryers, curling irons and straightening irons is dangerous. Heat Protector is vital if you can’t allow the hair to air-dry. For example, you can use Heat Protector that locks in the hair’s moisture and thus protects it from heat damage and dehydration.

Beauty food for scalp and hair!

A healthy diet supports the body in transporting sufficient building blocks to the hair roots. Proteins from pulses are highly suitable for this. In addition, nuts, brown rice and millet, which are rich in selenium (important for protein synthesis), supply valuable nutrients and trace elements. Nutritional supplements such as zinc also stimulate the hair follicles. Calcium and magnesium support the formation of hair. Vitamin A makes the hair shaft soft and B vitamins activate metabolic processes in the roots. Biotin prevents inflammation of the hair roots. It is practical if all these good substances are combined, as in the Bio-Fanelan Synergie capsules, which actively boost hair growth with a complex of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

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