Bye-bye germs, viruses and bacteria

Every day our hands come into contact with lots of germs. We’ll show you how to get rid of dirt and pathogens by properly washing your hands, and thus say bye-bye to potential infections.

Wet your hands

Hold your hands under running water and get them really wet. The water temperature should be warm and pleasant, but not too hot to avoid drying out the skin.

Use plenty of soap

Liquid or bar soap? – the choice is yours! It’s just important to make sure you use enough soap and properly lather it up: Take one pump of Spa Actif Hand Wash or rub Spa Le Savon between your palms until you have enough foam to clean both hands (up to above the wrists).

Lather thoroughly

Distribute the soap in circling motions between your palms and on the backs of your hands. Place your right palm on the left back of your hand and use your clasped fingers to clean between your fingers of the other hand. Then repeat this with your left palm on the right back of your hand. Now rub your palms together, and clean between your fingers from the other side by stretching your fingertips on to the back of your hand.

Now hold your right thumb with your left hand and lather it with circling motions. Now follow the same steps with your left thumb and right hand. Now it’s time for your fingertips and fingernails: With slight pressure, rub your fingertips on to the other palm. Then rub in rotating motions over the fingertips so that you also clean the fingernails.


Thoroughly rinse the foam under running water until there is no more soap residue left on the hands.


Then dry the palms and between the fingers with a clean towel. To avoid unnecessarily stressing the skin, we recommend dabbing instead of rubbing.

Don’t forget to apply cream!

Particularly frequent hand washing can rapidly dry out the sensitive skin on the backs of the hands. So apply cream to your hands once to twice a day with a rich care cream such as Spa Citromycine or Spa Actif Lifting Care Décolléte and Hands.