The kick-off for a unique men's care range - La Biosthétique is celebrating the début of "Homme" at Gentlemen's Circle in Berlin.

Located in the Berlin-Mitte district on Bebelplatz, the manufactory for gentlemen's culture "Gentlemen's Circle", which was created by La Biosthétique brand ambassador and salon boss André Goerner, celebrated the grand début of the new La Biosthétique Homme range. On the afternoon of Thursday 13 September 2018, numerous celebrities invited by "GQ" and La Biosthétique Paris celebrated the launch of the new men's range Homme, which will initially be exclusively available in La Biosthétique salons from October 2018.

Long ago, man's self-image changed in society. The days when a man was expected to make do with a deodorant, a shower gel and a shaver when it came to care are long gone. High-quality, smart body care is meanwhile part of man's individual expression of his personality. La Biosthétique was happy to focus on man's new self-image and the right high-quality care. With an uncompromising focus on men's needs, the eight-product high-tech care range Homme was created to easily, efficiently and effectively assist men of all ages in their everyday beauty routine, whilst fulfilling the highest quality standards in terms of effect and ingredients.

La Biosthétique Managing Director Felix Weiser

"There were strong signals from our salon owners who wanted to offer their male customers a greater selection of good products. We responded to this customer wish by launching Homme. La Biosthétique was happy to accept this challenge whilst fulfilling the highest quality standards".

Big male names experience the Homme range

The renowned group who met for the launch of Homme experienced a varied and unusual evening with the focus on today's men. In Germany's only concept store for men's culture, Tom Junkersdorf, Editor-in-Chief of the German "GQ", Gentlemen's Circle founder André Goerner and La Biosthétique Managing Director Felix Weiser welcomed actors such as Robert Seeliger, Tim Oliver Schultz, Roman Knizka, Manuel Cortez, Bruno Eyron, Nik Xhelilaj, Marc Benjamin, Langston Uibel and Gedeon Burkhardt. In addition to the launch of the Homme range with a scent featured in all the products, created by star perfumier Geza Schön exclusively for La Biosthétique, the evening also had other surprises in store. Whilst the celebrity guests enjoyed being pampered by La Biosthétique beauty experts with the new Homme range, magician Thimon von Berlepsch enchanted the La Biosthétique, Gentlemen's Circle and "GQ" guests with his breathtaking tricks and incredible hypnosis, thus turning the evening into an omnisensual and unforgettable experience.

Homme will be exclusively available in La Biosthétique salons from October, and from November also in the online shop .