Instantly visible.

Pamper your skin with La Capsule Hydratante: the extra portion of moisture. 

It is tight, itches and makes fine lines appear deeper than they actually are: dry skin. Sun, central heating, overly hot baths or simply the wrong care products can rob it of it’s natural oil and moisture. The product innovation La Capsule Hydratante by La Biosthétique can supply your skin with lots of extra care in a way that is faster and more noticeable than ever.

La Capsule Hydratante, the moisturising lipid gel is harmoniously integrated in the hydrotherapy of the current Dermosthétique Hydro-Actif range. The velvety oily serum is ideal for the intensive care of demanding skin that is showing the first signs of aging. La Capsule Hydratante is characterised by its skin-smoothening effect, an incomparably soft care sensation and lasting cell protection from free radicals. The valuable contents of the little micro capsules, which keeps them pure until their application, melts into the skin where they release their precious active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid is rapidly penetrated and gives you a youthful, healthy appearance. Even extensive fine lines caused by dryness are specifically padded from within and noticeably reduced. Rock samphire increases the production of 

valuable components of the skin, so-called ceramides that are responsible for the cohesion of the skin’s hydrolipid film. Special extracts of Salicornia Herbacea, which naturally harmonise with the body’s own existing substances, enable the light gel to increase the skin’s ability to bind moisture. Rice, sugar beet and rosemary extract support the cell’s DNA repair and thus cell regeneration.  

The exciting result: The skin regains a plumped effect on the first application and is given full and youthfully fresh radiance. 

By the way: You can also affect the skin’s beauty from within: it is important to make sure you drink sufficient fluids, so at least 2 to 3 litres of liquid a day!