Above the rooftops of Berlin.

Berlin. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

The models at the Lana Mueller show wore casual summery looks. The team of La Biosthétique were the hair and make-up partners who created the trendy catwalk looks.

In the past few days, the international top designers flocked to Berlin. One of the highlights was when the German label Lana Mueller Couture held a fashion show in House of Weekend a venue which offers an incredible panoramic view of the City.  

The rooftop of the club thus offered the perfect atmosphere to present the summery light creations of the designer duo and label founders Lana Mueller and Gelena Roizen for spring/summer 2018: a breathtaking prêt-à-porter collection of silk, cotton and wonderfully 

delicate French lace. Predominantly soft, flowing fabrics, some of them seductively transparent. The label is characterised by soft silhouettes, detailed finish and contrasting elements. In keeping with this, the two designers featured bright tropical accents in this season’s shapes and colours: with plant patterns as glittering embroidery, delicate colour combinations, colourful lace and feminine cuts that can be worn by any woman. Simply put: absolute vacation essentials.

After Beach Waves

The right hairstyle that makes you dream of the most beautiful beaches in the world was created by Jana Dippold from the Berlin salon Goerner & Company, Micha Pelz and Katleen from the salon Micha Pelz Coiffure and by Tim Schädlich and stylist Theo Dimitri from the salon Tim Schädlich. 

How to style the casual look:

Step 1: Distribute Beach Effect Styling Spray into dry hair as a base and make a centre parting. 

Step 2: Starting at the back of the head, horizontally divide the hair into small sections and spray with Curl Protect & Style Spray. Then curl these sections alternating with curling irons in the following three ways:
 - Hold hair strand at the tip and twist around itself. Then horizontally hold the curling irons and wind the twisted strand around them. Starting at the roots, twist section around the curling irons and rapidly continue downwards. Leave out the hair ends. 
- Twist the whole section again but in the other direction. 

Step 3: Now let the hair cool. Generously distribute Volume Powder into the hair whilst holding your head upside down: this gives the perfect matte and volume look and lots of texture. Starting at the roots, loosen the hair using the fingers, again holding the head upside down, then allow hair to fall naturally.

Step 4: Depending on the individual hair thickness, use Formule Laque for thicker or normal hair or Formule Laque Fine to fix fine hair. Your runway look is complete!