Hairstyling trends hot off the catwalk!

La Biosthétique styling and Hollywood glamour at the Berlin Fashion Week

A glamorous start to the New Year! During the Berlin Fashion Week (17 to 20 January) the who is who of the national and international fashion scene come together. A wonderful kick-off and also the first highlight of the capital’s many shows: The big “Marc Cain Fashion Show” on Tuesday evening in the Telekom building on Französische Straße. Motto: “Ballet magnifique”. A truly magical evening – with many national and international top guests in the front row! The celebrities generously applauded not only the wonderful fashion – including the latest creations for autumn-winter 2017/18 by Creative Director Karin Veit – but also the amazing hairstyles. The La Biosthétique Team worked in the VIP Styling Lounge of Hotel Titanic to create the perfect look for VIPs such as Bettina Zimmermann, Alexandra Maria Lara, Janina Uhse, Aylin Tezel, Minh-Khai Phan-Thi, Victoria Swarovski, Jasmin Gerat and Carolina Vera. La Biosthétique also created the perfect look for many bloggers such as Milena Le Secret, Tatiana Vasilieva and Riccardo Simonetti …

The Marc Cain models once again relied on the La Biosthétique team for their catwalk styling. The team of top stylist Alexander Dinter with hair experts Kathrin Zenk, Jörg Oppermann, Dashni Krasnici, Alexander von Trentini and Theo Dimitri passionately conjured up incredible hairstyles and looks, and top model Stefanie Giesinger was the crowning glory of this year’s show. Of course, in keeping with the motto and glamorous sportswear 

presented on this evening. Particularly the famous chignon, the low bun, one of the most beautiful up-dos, celebrated a glorious comeback. But this version was a relaxed style: loose and light. 

Top model Stefanie Giesinger is styled backstage by International Creative Director Alexander Dinter.

Kathrin Zenk from the molarberlin salon, styling the models.

Alexander von Trentini backstage at MARC CAIN.

The La Biosthétique Styling Team.

Actresses Bettina Zimmermann and Alexandra Maria Lara – styled by La Biosthétique.

Actress Aylin Tezel with stylist Tamara from the Dashi Krasnici salon.

Bettina Zimmermann, Minh-Khai Phan-Thi, Alexandra Maria Lara, Janina Uhse, Carolina Vera and Jasmin Gerat in the VIP Styling Lounge of La Biosthétique at Hotel Titanic.

Felix Weiser, Managing Director of La Biosthétique Austria, with blogger Milena Le Secret and International Creative Director Alexander Dinter.

On the MARC CAIN catwalk. 

MARC CAIN Autumn–Winter 2017/18.

The motto of the show: “Ballet magnifique”.

Berlin Fashion Week Show by MARC CAIN. 

Catwalk impressions from the MARC CAIN Autumn–Winter 2017/18 Collection.

Ballet dancers on the catwalk at MARC CAIN.

The low-cut, relaxed ballerina chignon, in keeping with the motto of the show: “Ballet magnifique”.

Russian blogger Tatiana Vasilieva at the VIP Backstage Styling of La Biosthétique.

Blogger Riccardo Simonetti with top stylist Dashi Krasnici and Swiss blogger Ar1gona.

Conclusion: A magnificent kick-off for the Fashion Show Berlin – particularly in terms of styling and hair.