New synergy care for youthful radiance

The secret of a youthful appearance is the right care!

The new care range Méthode Régénérante Visage results with new innovative products in youthful radiance at any age. Activating, skin-related active ingredients accelerate the skin’s regeneration, enable it to rapidly recover from everyday stress and give it fresh radiance and more resilience.

The care products for every skin type

Crème VitalitéClair de Teint JeunessePeeling EnzymatiqueVisalix JeunesseElixir VitalitéMenulphia JeunesseMenulphia Jeunesse RicheMenulphia Jeunesse Hydratante and Menulphia Jeunesse Contour: the new care products of La Biosthétique stimulate the skin’s vital functions with natural active ingredients and thus regenerate the skin structure. They also protect against environmental pollution and restore the skin’s resilience. All seven products combat premature skin aging – for all skin types.

Perfect cleansing

The conditioning cleansing milk Clair de Teint Jeunesse frees the skin not only of dirt, but also removes make-up and surplus sebum in just one step. The rich texture is clarifying without being dehydrating and maintains the skin’s biological balance. At the same time, it binds moisture. The skin is cleansed right down to the pores, perfectly balanced and the complexion’s fresh radiance is restored.

Even complexion

Instead of mechanical exfoliating granules, the papaya enzymes in Peeling Enzymatique loosen the surplus corneocytes and cleanse sebaceous skin zones without irritating the skin. Because the enzymatic active ingredients are released gradually, Peeling Enzymatique results in a significant improvement of the complexion without attacking the skin’s protective acid mantle or stressing skin that, because of increased circulation, is prone to redness. The additional active ingredient component algin, from marine algae, naturally stores water and, during the activation time, effectively protects the skin from moisture loss. It also ensures that the skin remains resistant despite the dead corneocytes and doesn’t feel tight after rinsing. Peeling Enzymatique is suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Pure moisture 

The gentle hydroessence Visalix Jeunesse intensively moisturises and improves the skin’s softness after cleansing. The skin is ideally prepared for the subsequent care. Significant test results in the improvement of the skin softness and smoothness, the reduction of skin scaling and itchiness were scientifically proven!

Care like a fountain of youth

  • For normal and combination skin:

The high-quality ingredients in Menulphia Jeunesse affect the low-level inflammatory processes of the skin that are invisible on the outside and responsible for skin aging. Wrinkles are reduced, the oxygen supply is optimised and the microcirculation is improved. The convincing result: a youthfully radiant complexion, a soft, silky skin sensation. The facial contour becomes firmer and clearer.

  • For dry skin:

The innovative formulation of the face care Menulphia Jeunesse Hydratante gives dehydrated skin an extra moisture boost. The skin feels incredibly soft. At the same time, high-quality ingredients stimulate the skin’s regenerative capacity and reduce the premature decomposition of collagen by free radicals. The skin remains young for longer and is intensively nourished. Fine lines are visibly reduced.

  • For very dry skin:

The new generation of face care, Menulphia Jeunesse Riche, regenerates the skin and results in a silky soft skin sensation thanks to skin-related ingredients. The conditioning substances replenish the skin’s lipid reservoirs. At the same time, the skin is significantly firmed, supplied with more oxygen and its microcirculation is improved. 

The intensive care for a radiantly beautiful appearance

The revitalising 24-hour intensive care Crème Vitalité relies on natural active ingredients: Winged kelp combats premature skin aging. Snow crocus stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the connective tissue, which also provides the skin with elasticity and resilience. A cell and DNA protection complex of rice, sugar beet and rosemary extract boosts rapid regeneration from cell and DNA damage. Shea butter is responsible for intensive care. After just two weeks, the skin is significantly more elastic and looks younger and more radiant. 

The extra portion of revitalisation

The oil concentrate Elixir Vitalité enrobes the skin with nourishing care substances: the concentrate gives the skin essential nutrients, results in natural, revitalising cell protection and activates cell renewal, thus resulting in a beautiful and radiant skin. Simply apply one to two drops of Elixir Vitalité to the moist skin of face, neck and décolleté and massage in.

Tightening eye care for a radiant look

This tightening care for the eye contour Menulphia Jeunesse Contour regenerates the sensitive and particularly stressed skin around the eyes, even in younger skin. Combats fine lines and wrinkles. . The eye area looks youthfully radiant again. The intensive effect of caffeine, green coffee extract, red algae and knotted kelp reduces undereye shadows, swelling and lachrymal sacs. Lecithin moisturises and strengthens the skin barrier of the sensitive eye contours. The eye contour care is tested by eye specialists, and suitable for all skin types. Very easy application: Apply mornings and evenings around the sensitive eye contours and lightly tap into the skin. 

La Biosthétique - because radiance is not a matter of age!

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