Bad hair days and what causes them

The style flops and the hair is flyaway on this bad hair day due to an electrostatic charge of the air. After a few questions your hairdresser will definitely be able to find out the problem immediately: you are stressed and your sensitive scalp reacts to this. And what should a good hairdresser do now? That's right: they should give you a consultation, which helps with relaxation, preferably with Methode Sensitive!

Do you prefer to use a baby shampoo because your scalp reacts sensitively to all other shampoos? Does your scalp feel tight and sometimes suffer from an unpleasant itchiness? These are clear signs of a sensitive scalp. Methode Sensitive calms irritated skin and makes it resistant and stable to stress and external influences. Sensitive scalps react sensitively to all kinds of irritations by turning red. This is often caused by too many or the wrong care products or too much stress. As soon as our body is stressed, our muscles tense up throughout our whole body. This can be felt in the scalp too. Tense muscles compress the nerves and block the blood vessels. The scalp now suffers from a poor circulation. Soon the skin's barrier function is impaired and irritants more easily penetrate the skin. The scalp reacts: some 

people react with an overproduction of sebum (oily scalp) , with an underproduction of sebum (dry scalp), with the formation of dandruff or a sensitive scalp. The hairdresser now uses Methode Sensitive. They first gently cleanse the hair and scalp with Lipokérine E. The very thin shampoo is best distributed along the parting of the scalp. Lipokérine E normalises the scalp environment and restores the protective hydrolipid film. Immediately afterwards the scalp lotion Ergines E soothes acute irritations with frankincense and limits the itchiness with willow herb extract. Like the shampoo, the lotion is also distributed on the skin, but is left on the scalp. The sensitive scalp heals.

Lasting care and prevention

The basic care Stopil P now has a lasting effect. This scalp lotion with lavender, rosemary and sage oil now maintains the balance of the scalp's microbial flora and prevents possible irritations. Simply massage lightly and evenly into the sensitive scalp. Of course, now the goal is for your skin to maintain the strength it has acquired. Visarôme Dynamique E helps with this because the aromatherapy complex of bergamot, thyme, bitter orange and oregano helps to combat stress. On the one hand, the essential oils penetrate the skin and release blockages in the metabolism. On the other hand, the aromatherapy substances are mentally relaxing and thus affect the whole organism. Visarôme Dynamique E can be sprayed on to the hair between washes.

Healthy hair only grows on a healthy scalp

The skin very rapidly reacts to all La Biosthetique products. For long-term improvement you should consistently perform the treatment over a period of several weeks. Of course, this only functions in the long term if you use the right hair care products. Because otherwise you will go through a vicious circle of wrong care, treatment and so on and so forth: So let one of our La Biosthetique coiffeurs give you a consultation in their salon.