Help! It feels tight!

What really helps combat a dry scalp

The scalp feels tight, the hair is lacklustre and repeatedly the scalp suffers from a slight itchiness. Particularly women suffer from a dry scalp. This is often caused by a genetic predisposition, external influences such as the wrong care products or very hot or cold air. But this can also be triggered by stress. Time to give the scalp proper protection and care!

The scalp contains hair roots, sebaceous and sweat glands, nerves and blood vessels. These provide fluid exchange, sensual perception and temperature regulation. If this interaction is impaired, this can result in reactions such a dry scalp. The sebaceous glands are hormonally stimulated, increased stress influences the hormones and thus the glandular secretion. In addition, poor circulation and stress-related tension of the muscles blocks the sebaceous glands. If there is insufficient secretion, the skin lacks its protective and care film (hydrolipid film). The result: the scalp is dehydrated and tight.

In addition to stress, there are other factors: frequent washing with aggressive shampoos, hot blow-drying, extreme sun exposure or cold outdoor air in winter can also impair the hydrolipid film. What should you do?

Soothe, protect, relax and regenerate with Méthode Vitalisante. The aim is to restore the scalp's healthy balance.

First, the scalp oil Génésicap Plus and the scalp lotion Ergines B from La Biosthétique help to relax the scalp and reduce any itchiness or redness. The frankincense extract of the scalp oil contains Vitamin E to support the skin's natural regeneration. The essential fatty acids of natural borage oil rapidly eradicate dry dandruff. Ideally, Génésicap Plus works overnight. The panthenol contained in the scalp lotion Ergines B acts like a protective shield against damaging environment influences.

The active ingredient complex Complexe Vitalisant developed by La Biosthétique also activates inactive sebaceous glands. Both products generally take effect very fast. This is the first important step towards relaxation. As soon as you can feel an improvement, the sebaceous glands should be stimulated and the scalp's circulation boosted so that the natural balance is restored as soon as possible. The ideal products for this are Visarôme Dynamique B and Visarôme Dynamique EN with valuable essential oils that directly penetrate the scalp's layers. Specifically, rosemary, lavender blossom, geranium blossom and parsley seed in Visarôme Dynamique B stimulate the sebaceous gland secretion of dry scalps. Bergamot, sandalwood and vanilla in Visarôme Dynamique EN boost the circulation and improve the scalp's general functioning.
The aromatherapy in Visarôme has an indirectly harmonising effect on our nervous system. Tension and cramps are released thanks to the aromatherapy. The body relaxes. The balance is now almost restored.

For dry scalps it is generally recommended to always wash the hair with a mild shampoo such as Shampooing Lipokerine B. The shampoo is rather thin and is easy to apply directly to the scalp. It mildly cleanses hair and scalp with lipoamino acids that also occur in the skin and hair. Consequently, the scalp environment is normalised and the special shampoo restores your hair's shine. Because a healthy scalp lastingly results in wonderfully healthy and stress-resistant hair. Now the right styling products make blow-drying and straightening child's play.

In the long term, it is important to give dry scalps the right treatment. Once you have recognised your scalp type, you should lastingly and consistently use the right products for it.