Anti-yellow tinge for radiantly beautiful hair

Bye-bye yellow tinge. The NO YELLOW concept by La Biosthétique gives blonde, bleached and naturally grey hair a wonderfully fresh, vibrant and modern look with cool reflexes

It is mostly various environmental influences that give our hair an undesirable and above all unattractive yellow tinge. Incidentally, this applies not only to blonde and bleached hair. It can also affect naturally grey hair. And this is precisely why the No Yellow concept from the Glam Color range was developed. The comprehensive care range is not only easy to apply, but it also protects your hair and gives it a lively and fresh look. For a shiny finish, lasting colour and hair you will fall in love with.

The perfect care for naturally blonde and bleached hair

A cool, radiant and clear blonde shade looks very elegant, modern and is always an eyecatcher. To lastingly stabilise, protect and refresh this shade, a rich care specially geared towards this blonde shade is particularly important. The ingredients contained in the No Yellow products provide the best results.

The right concept – right from the start

To magically turn your hair a special cool blonde on your visit to the hairdresser, you need a lot of expertise, technical skills and of course the professional No Yellow products. You can expect all this from our experts in the salon who will ensure that you will enjoy your hair colour for a long time.

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To ensure a beautiful, cool blonde shade lasts a long time, your hair also needs special attention after every visit to the hairdresser. Applied daily, the No Yellow Shampoo and the No Yellow Conditioner invigorate and refresh the cool colour reflex and add vibrant shine. With a delicate new scent.

In addition to this, the No Yellow Hair Mask intensifies the cool blonde shade, neutralises undesirable golden yellow reflexes and creates a radiant crystal shine that lasts three to five washes. Valuable ingredients also strengthen the hair structure and make the hair softer.

The colour protection complex

With La Biosthétique colour protection complex

Sunflower extract neutralises free radicals, the outer cuticle remains protected and smoothed, the hair is soft, shine and vibrance of the coloured hair are maintained.

Without colour protection complex

Free radicals destroy the inner hair structures, the cuticle is opened, the hair becomes dry, brittle and dull, the colour fades very fast.

UV shine complex

The No Yellow Conditioner contains a substance with a fluorescent effect that develops when exposed to UV light. This stably anchored substance in the hair increases the vibrance of blonde hair in the light.

The perfect care for naturally grey hair:
TONER .11 Steel Gray

You like your grey hair and would simply like a more modern shade of grey that makes your natural hair look sophisticated without changing its structure? This innovative and semi-permanent hair tint for men and women to enhance grey gives natural hair an intensive colour. The toner neutralises a yellow tinge and conceals grey hair. For an attractive and more youthful look.

Is my hair suitable for the tint?

STEEL GRAY TONER should be exclusively applied to black to no lighter than medium blonde natural hair (not bleached, coloured, permed, etc.) with some grey hair.

How can I avoid skin stains?

Due to the intensive, dark colour pigments, it is possible to stain the top layer of skin (particularly if the skin is dry). So: Make sure you use the enclosed disposable gloves and, to protect the skin contours on the hair line, use the enclosed skin oil COLOR BARRIER. Otherwise, wipe stained areas of skin with water and shampoo. For any splashes of product on clothing or other objects: Remove immediately. 

What do we need to know about the application?

After the application, please rinse the Steel Gray Toner again with water and a suitable shampoo and, as needed, apply a hair treatment. 

How can we achieve an even colour result?

Please make sure your hair is covered with sufficient toner. If needed, follow by coming with a plastic comb. Rinse the toner until the water runs clear. There should be no residue left in the hair. Make sure you follow the colour application by washing the hair with a suitable shampoo, drying it with a towel and styling it as usual.