Oil Therapy

The salon treatment for beautiful, healthy, shiny hair.

La Biosthétique’s new Oil Therapy is a deep-conditioning salon treatment from experienced experts that lastingly replenishes the hair’s vital oil and moisture reservoirs with valuable natural oils and conditioning balms. This restores the hair’s natural liveliness, elasticity and strength – dry, brittle hair and split ends become a thing of the past thanks to Oil Therapy by La Biosthétique.  

Oils enhance the hair’s appearance – how does this work?

Since ancient times, skin and hair care oils have been highly revered in all cultures for their incredible effect. In this high-tech era with its scientific formulations oils are enjoying a comeback as natural beautifiers. With a small, but not insignificant limitation: natural plant oils are full of good ingredients, but their application can be problematic. After the activation time, the oils are not that easy to remove. You often have to wash your hair several times so that it is as loose as you would like. With the result that a large portion of the wonderful conditioning substances are removed from the hair and disappear down the drain with the shampoo. This is not the case with Expert Treatment Oil Therapy in your La Biosthétique salon – because oil treatments have a decade-long tradition at La Biosthétique:

The Expert Treatment Oil Therapy in your salon:

The new Oil Therapy combines efficacy with convenience and doesn’t leave a heavy film on the hair. The treatment is also very relaxing. Oil Therapy is applied in two steps:

Step 1 (Volume/Vital Oil): In the first step, a little trick makes the nourishing oil hydrophilic. It still preserves all its valuable active ingredients, deep-conditions the hair with fatty acid derivatives and deeply penetrates the fibrous layer. 

Step 2 (Volume/Vital Cream): After 10 minutes, the hair is additionally treated with a cream balm that surrounds every single hair with an organic protective coating and intensifies the effect and fixation of the oil. Excess product is simply rinsed out with water at the end of the treatment. 

The result: sensational elasticity, incredible softness and spectacular shine.

Expert Treatment Oil Therapy is available in two versions:

Oil Therapy Volume: for damaged, normal to fine hair

- Visibly reduces hair damage and gives the hair new strength and body.

- Also ideal to support the springiness of curls.

Oil Therapy Vital: for more severely damaged, rather strong hair - also ideal for naturally frizzy hair.

- Strengthens the hair's substance and smooths frizzy structures.

- Restructures and tames the hair and makes it wonderfully soft.

- Calms naturally frizzy hair and bunches curls.

Experience Oil Therapy Treatment in your La Biosthétique salon:

Expert tip from Martine Buerkle, Hair & Make-up Consultant:

“Oil Therapy is the best thing I can currently recommend for damaged hair. In just over half an hour dry, damaged hair is transformed into healthy, lively hair, so the hair can forget the damage caused by repeated shampooing, as well as sun, sand and sea. To ensure the sensational effect of Oil Therapy lasts several weeks and to repeatedly seal the protective layer, I recommend consistently washing and conditioning the hair at home with products from the La Biosthétique hair care range”.

Home care recommendation: