Valuable care from Mother Nature

Beautiful and healthy hair thanks to the power of oils

Women from all cultures have always used oils to care for their skin and hair. At La Biosthétique, we also have long-standing experience with oil treatments. This salon-exclusive two-phase treatment uses nourishing oil and rich cream to strengthen the hair and leave it feeling wonderfully smooth.

With the latest generation in the Oil Therapy portfolio, customers can now enjoy this fantastic effect within their own four walls: Oil Therapy Cream and Oil Therapy Conditioning Spray enable you to easily, lastingly and effectively fulfil your wish for shiny and healthy hair at home, without overconditioning.

Oil Therapy Cream and Oil Therapy Conditioning Spray successfully provide such stunning results thanks to their customised combination of a very special oil and natural active ingredients. Castor oil, better known as the oil of the miracle tree, has an incomparable caring effect that allows it to make the hair strong, smooth and sensationally shiny all at the same time.

The new Oil Therapy duo:

Oil Therapy Cream

Nourishing and regenerative intensive care for fine to thick hair

Oil Therapy Cream supplies the hair with nourishing lipids and an extra portion of moisture, repairs all kinds of structural damage and by doing so, lastingly improves the quality of the hair. As a result, it makes the hair easy to comb, super silky and shiny.

Oil Therapy Conditioning Spray

Nourishing conditioning spray for fine to thick hair

Oil Therapy Conditioning Spray supplies the hair with nourishing lipids, balances out structural damage, provides easy combability and makes the hair soft and shiny without affecting its volume.