Oily scalp – what do hair experts recommend?

Often customers come into the La Biosthétique salons and say: "I have to wash my hair so often. Otherwise, it looks uncared. After just a short time, my roots get oily, but the lengths look okay. My style doesn't stay put anymore". What is the cause? We asked La Biosthétique Senior Hair Care Consultant Désirée Ahlhaus.

How experts diagnose the condition of the scalp and then properly treat the scalp is explained by Senior Hair Care Consultant Désirée Ahlhaus in an interview in a La Biosthétique salon. 

Together with look over a coiffeur's shoulder in a consultation with a customer. Désirée Ahlhaus, responsible for hair care further training at La Biosthétique, explains: "With this scalp everything looks okay at first glance. The hair is slightly shiny, but is definitely easy to 

comb and structural damage is more recognisable in the bottom lengths and tips. But when you take a closer look, one to two centimetres of the roots are oily. The scalp is slightly oily". Hair expert Désirée Ahlhaus continues: "For us now it's important to distinguish between whether it is actually an oily or maybe just a moist scalp. Because every scalp needs individual care". 

Senior Hair Care Consultant Désirée Ahlhaus:

"The first glance should be on the facial skin. Is the skin prone to blemishes and does it have large pores? Is the facial skin thicker and doesn't have as good circulation?"

Then this is followed by the check of the hairs: "Oily roots, but otherwise everything is okay? Healthy? Shiny? Resilience?" If you answer yes to all questions, the diagnosis is mostly clear: "Oily scalp".

And what is the cause of oily scalp?

From her many years of experience, Désirée Ahlhaus knows: The reason is mostly an overfunctioning of the sebaceous glands and excessive circulation, which are unfortunately very often triggered by stress or the wrong care.

Does the oily scalp have consequences for the hair?

"Yes!" warns Désirée Ahlhaus. "This doesn't just look unattractive. Normally, the balanced hydrolipid film of sebum and sweat protects the scalp. If there is too much sebum on the scalp, this offers the ideal breeding ground for all kinds of microbes. Consequently, you may rapidly suffer from itchiness, dandruff or overactive sebaceous glands can even lead to hair loss".

So the scalp is imbalanced, and what should you do?

Désirée Ahlhaus explains: "Three products from the Methode Normalisante range help treat an oily scalp. Initially, Shampooing Lipokerine A thoroughly and yet gently cleanses the hair with horse chestnut and liquorice root extract. It regulates the sebum and thus prevents the hair from rapidly becoming oily again".

Is there anything you have to pay attention to?

The hair expert nods and points to the consistency: "The shampoo has a very liquid consistency and that is intentional. The shampoo runs rapidly and evenly on the oily scalp and also really reaches the hair roots".

And how does it continue after the shampoo?

Désirée Ahlhaus now recommends Ergines A: "The refreshing scalp lotion acts like a facial toner. It is not rinsed out and lastingly blocks the stimulus on the sebaceous glands and thus inhibits surplus oil formation. Thus itchiness and irritations disappear, the style looks good and loose for longer and the roots maintain their volume".

Super - are shampoo and scalp lotion enough then?

"Yes and no", laughs Désirée Ahlhaus. "The person should always be viewed in their entirety. Only then can we create the right impulses at the right time in the right place. That is why we also recommend Visarôme Dynamique N. The aromatherapy oils of juniper berries, cypress and sage have a direct effect on the skin, prevent too much sebum secretion and regulate the circulation. On the other hand, the scents positively affect your whole psyche. The hair roots and entire organism are thus given new energy".

We would like to thank Désirée Ahlhaus for the detailed information and join the La Biosthétique coiffeur again who has meanwhile given her customer a consultation and shown her the products.